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  1. Christina mentioned that Camping has gone into hiding.

    Can you blame him? He dumped all of his reputation, and likely a considerable amount of his faith (assuming he wasn’t one of those atheist-preachers after a profit) on his claim. There are people out there who sold everything they had on his word, who severed ties with loved ones on his word, so on and so forth.

    In short, the man is completely destroyed, and he dragged a substantial number of people down with him. In the timeless words of Mr. T: “I pity the foo.”

    • Being neither american nor believer, I wasn’t aware of Camping’s existence or claims before today. Looking it up, I found this sentence in an article speaking of the issue:

      “The Washington Post reported that suicide prevention hotlines were set up in case believers fell into depression after the apocalypse failed to happen.”


      “I am so sad that four billion humans haven’t been mercilessly slaughtered that I am going to kill myself!” ?

      • Actually, mankind hit the “7 billion humans living on Earth” record just some weeks ago. Better demographic data from developing countries forced the demographs to correct the previous population numbers upwards. So we’re now officially seven billion eating up resources, sometime literally.

      • Re: the suicide thing

        No, more likely because they’re afraid that the “true believers” will
        a) think the apocalypse did happen but that they weren’t among the Saved, obviously, since they are still here, so they’ll commit suicide to force their own Ascension (forgetting that suicide is supposed to be a deadly sin for Christians which gets you straight to Hell), or
        b) they were so fired up by the prospect of seeing Heaven –plus they sold all their belongings and demolished their own life– that the disappointment of not getting their harp and wings, and the realisation that today is a day just like any other, will drive them nuts.

    • Well, the article mentions Camping has “disappeared”, as in: “When some journalists went to his house on Sunday to ask him some akward question about the not-so-Rapture, no-one opened the door.”

      To me, this means, either Camping is holed up in his house and playing dead, or he has left the country and changed his name to pretend he was “raptured away”. Or we’ll be seeing him surface again on his radio show soon, explaining how the Rapture was postponed. The “true believers” will eat it up.

      Would be funny if someone sued him, although I’m not sure if a court can hold someone responsible for claims he made about the apocalypse, as no-one forced these people who listen to Camping’s radio show to be dumb idiots and sell all their belongings. Well, no-one except their religion-fueled gullibility. But maybe there’s a law against inciting potential mass panic, just as you can be held legally responsible for yelling “Fire” in a crowded theater when there is no fire because you wanted to watch people getting trampled underfoot.

      (P.S. Wait, they SOLD all their stuff in expectation of being raptured away? Why? If you truly belief you will disappear into Heaven next week, why not GIVE IT AWAY instead of selling it? What do you still need money for??)

      • Remember, this isn’t the first time Camping was wrong, and he got WAY more people bit this time than last time.

        (They sold their stuff to have more money to buy billboards and ads warning people about the rapture.)

        • Well whoever said it (There’s some doubt that it was P.T. Barnum) there is, in fact, a sucker born every minute.

        • Well, if there were that many people who sold all their stuff to pay for billboards,, maybe it is a scam by the billboard advertisers to cover up for a slow month…

          You heard it here first folks.

      • Why not? Add a rune of Tuxedo, a rune of magic wand (AKA sonic screwdriver), and you’re done.

        BTW: This comic is the only one tagged as “symbol of pants”, the paint job should be there, too…

      • Orald, I hope that the folks who notice have lots of positive comments for you. I love it when people feel that they can be free to express who they really are, and I wish you the best of luck with your personal transformation.

        • Well if he just wanted to be noticed, he could always dress up in a Spandex suit with a cape and some weird symbol on his chest…

      • No, I just wondered, since they’re so into how many times I brush my hair(mostly once or twice in a shift…but they all have short hair and probably never had anything worth brushing…only combing with hair-gel *puke*), and the arms are more visible than other parts I’ve shaved. I mean the armpits, I haven’t shaved anything else. Yet.

        I’m considering buying an epilator instead for most of the shaving, because as painful as it might be it would have much less impact than my bad shaving skills. I almost cut my right wrist(no blood) because I can’t manipulate my left arm as well as the right and it felt so awkward and new. That and much less maintenance, and not so many new blades in the long run.

    • Pink, no bristles, meaty – sounds like a piglet 😉
      But I once shaved my beard off, and the first reaction I got was when it was half re-grown; so don’t expect anything…

  2. Ahaha… pants on head! (typing this from above, amazing bandwith speeds up here by the way)

  3. Interestingly, there’s a blind man who can see by sound. Not the Daredevil, a real person who can “see” by clicking his tongue. MRIs saw that he processed sound in the areas of the brain where we process vision. His brain rewired itself, and he’s teaching other blind people how to do it. His other sense really did compensate! It’s fascinating.