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  1. Bunker needs a “Smite Annoying Teammate” power.
    Otherwise called “Smite Enkidu”.

  2. Wait, can’t Morty cast raise dead on Etrusca? All parts of her body are there, and she hasn’t been dead for very long.
    They’d have their own sphinx. That’s worth the investment. I’m sure she’d like to leave the clammy dungeon.

  3. Remember, the theme tune for everyone staying indoors during the Rapture is Lionel Richie’s, Dancing on the Ceiling.

    • http://www.spiegel.de/wissenschaft/mensch/0,1518,763552,00.html
      Warum die Apokalypse am Samstag ausfällt
      (Why the apocalypse on Saturday is canceled)

      Sorry, it’s an article in German, from DER SPIEGEL, one of Germany’s biggest news magazines. It’s pretty sarcastic and hilarious, and sheds some light on the details of the numerology nonsense how Mr. Camping arrived at his doomsday date.

      Those pictures from crazy rapture fundies in N.Y. with their “Rapture May 21” t-shirt that accompany the article depress me. Can’t we do mankind a favour and shoot these idiots into the sun?

        • Yah, he’ll wake up and go “O bugger…”

          Speaking of Signs of the End Times, Hey Orald…looks like our country’s biggest village idiot has kinda put both feet in his mouth…Either he’s a completely braindead moron, or he’s deliberately trying to piss off all of our allies…first he sent back a bust of Winston Churchill to England, and now he’s trying to dictate to every single country in the middle east what they need to do…telling leaders they “need to step down”, trying to dictate what the basis for drawing borders need to be, and so on…

          Is it just me, or is he literally turning into Palpatine?

          • Orald is not terribly in the mood for politics, strange at it may seem, nor is he well informed enough of Obama’s latest speech. Orald is kinda tired after having not slept much/well for quite some time.

          • Palpatine didn’t start pissing off his constituency until AFTER he had the Clone army under his direct control.

            And he wasn’t “born in” Hawaii.

        • It’s basically a win-win for him. If there’s a big-assed earthquake tomorrow, he wins and can say “See! I was right!” If there ISN’T one, he can just say “See! I was right! You just don’t know anyone who got raptured.” There’s no way anyone can prove (especially to him) that people didn’t get invisibly taken up into the sky to an invisible place. Personally, I’m thinking of heading outside with a video camera just in case. =)

          • Statistically speaking, if a self-proclaimed man of God is taken and lifted into the air in 2011, it’s more likely to be a Navy SEAL operation than the end of the world.

          • The Pope should technically be number 1 on God’s rapture list, what with the Church claiming the Popes are successors of St. Paul the disciple, and I’m pretty sure people would notice if the Pope disappeared out of his robes into thin air without being a Jedi.

            Maybe that’s why the Pope wanted to talk to the astronauts on the ISS on Friday! To ask if there’s still room Up There. 🙄

      • The question, Christina, is whether or not the suckers who sent in tons of money to these whackos will get a refund on monday…

      • “Can’t we do mankind a favour and shoot these idiots into the sun?”

        🙂 Our own version of lifting them to heaven!

        • Helm-knocking would be a REALLY useful enchantment on something a little more lethal, assuming you frequently fight humanoids.

          I mean, sure, the great maul’s “purpose” was to knock the helm off of his head. That happened. The mush is a side-effect…

                • I’ve had my above post about not being in the mood for politics put into moderation too, so maybe it’s not Elfguy’s fault, despite your different viewpoints.
                  Plus, he posts quite a lot more often than you do, with lots of links, it’s kinda obvious this thing would happen.

        • Yeah, I think you’re right. I’m trying to figure out what’s causing it, but I think it may be related to server lag somehow. If so, it’s likely being cause by another site entirely… or something in the comments here. Web Monkey is on it.

      • (In an interview, Douglas Adams stated that there are a number of environmental and weapons treaties, as well as laws of physics, which prevent the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster from being mixed on Earth.)

        *snortgiggle* 🙂

  4. Wow yeah it is kind of hard to eulogize someone you could raise on a whim. But to the players’ credit, you just cant TRUST characters controlled by the DM.
    Elfguy why don’t u love Obama? He constantly bails out the ultra-rich, tortures people, and starts wars so he can test the military industrial complex’s new bombs. I thought that was kinda your scene…

  5. Well according to Nostra-Dumbass and his whacky bible math, people should be disappearing by now.

    Proceeding on the assumption that South Park got the afterlife right (which is at least as likely to be accurate as the afforementioned whacky Bible Math), and Mormons are the ones who “got it right” and get to go to heaven, maybe someone should call up Stu or Pat and inquire if Glenn Beck mysteriously vanished today?

    • LOLZ forgot about that. According to the necronomicon I mean bible there is no rapture. Televangelists made that up to get money. What happens is the faithful literally rise from their graves, which is why we’ve been putting people in nice wooden boxes all these years. It’s going to be infidels with shotguns vs zombies. My theory is they’re raising money to build bunkers for 2012. Fools.

      • Oh and Elfguy, hypothetical political question: If all your possible political choices, both parties, belonged to a single group of child molesting psychopaths… would you want to know?
        Also Aahz is my fav btw…

        • Well I know the Democrats at least don’t worry about their members being in the KKK (Ref: The late Robert “Exaulted Cyclops” Byrd) , but in the extremely unlikely situation that every single person running for political office on the entire planet was a child molesting pyschopath?

          Considering the implications of that, and the unlikelyhood that such a profusion could ever be concealed, and would thus be known by everyone, whether they wanted to know or not, I can only conclude that you’re just being silly.

  6. Well, the floating zombie apocalypse didn’t happen. So us atheists won’t get new cars. Bugger.

  7. Weltuntergangshumor – Hobby-Apokalyptiker verlegen Himmelfahrt ins Web

    “Rapture Bombing” is the new trend… putting your clothes onto the floor and snapping a photo of it to pretend you have ascended.

    In other news, Harold Camping has gone into hiding. Wow, is this some sort of “If you can’t see me, I totally got raptured away. Really!” reaction? How childish.