29 Responses to 799 – White Smoke Mountain • 165

  1. Go Cleric…. powers? GO!

    So would this be a wisdom roll for Morty? Or did he already pass that and is now a Dexterity roll? Splashing water I can’t imagine would be worth a roll, but aiming the water might.

      • Well would it count as an area attack though? I guess a to hit would still count, but would be an easy roll.

        • Probably not. I think I’d be hard pressed to make what I’d consider an effective water splash “attack” over greater than a five-foot square area.

  2. Dogpile? What?

    Also, I love using non-magical means to stop magical things. Water is so versatile.

    • A literal dogpile is whenever a pack of dogs descend on a single animal and begin tearing it into more easily swallowed bits. It became a wrestling term meaning a bunch of wrestlers all picking on one guy in the eighties, and translated itself into the greater gaming lexicon sometime thereafter. It generally signals the swift demise of the dogpilee.

      • I can verify the term was used in that sense in schoolyard free-for-alls in the sixties, and listening to my dad and uncles, I am pretty sure it was in the forties. I think it’s nearly as old as the domestication of dogs.

  3. Ah, yes. The spellcaster’s nemesis: grapple attacks. The reason most casters keep some form of teleportation spell handy, since those usually need only a verbal component.

  4. The big question is…why would the Efriti be expecting Morty to be helping him? (Dun Dunn DUUUUUUUNNNN!)