28 Responses to 798 – White Smoke Mountain • 164

  1. So after reading the 3rd panel all I could think of was “Water Noo! My only weakness! How did you know!” (insert wicked witch melting sounds).

    (yes I see the fish ears) – thats why its funny.

  2. @Kevin:
    The third panel is rather confusing. I got that either Morty or the “halfling” had done something do break the illusion, but I kept wondering why the guy who looked like a water elemental was facing away from them, towards the “camera”, and what the shapeless thingy was to the right of Morty… someone’s leg? Until I went back some strips and realized it must be the top half of Keraptis’ wizard staff. Eh.

    Considering panel 3, it really wasn’t obvious for me at first that it is indeed Morty splashing water, as Morty’s hand is rather low, while the “halfling’s” hand is outstretched and dramatically pointing at the monster in a gesture that could be spellcasting (while the water splash could be mistaken for a spell effect i.e. an acid arrow). Only at second glance did I see the water arc going from the flooded floor to Morty’s cupped hands and that the second water arc coming from the direction of Morty’s hands.

    There is so much black-and-white texture going on in the lower right hand quarter of panel 3, while the eye is drawn towards the center of the panel (where the halfling’s hand is) and the left side of the panel (where the SPLASH sound effect is and the monster appears). Thus it is hard to spot what is going on at first, because the white water arc is easy to miss, it kinda dissolves visually in front of all the black and white ripples in the water and the details of Morty’s and the halfling’s clothing and the stars and hair of illusion-Keraptis.

    • I actually had no problem seeing what was going on. I don’t know if you went back and changed anything after reading this (you do that sometimes I think) or if Christina just thinks about these things too much (she does that sometimes I think).

      • I did not change anything. I thought it read well enough for being a somewhat difficult thing to translate visually, (Fesneq startled, Morty splashing, Xonxin invisible but covered with water, and Keraptis an illusion with water passing through him) but it’s always a good idea to keep an eye out for “panel mud”. That being when too much going on in too small a space starts to read as just… grey.

        Whether or not I personally agree with Christina in this specific case, it’s a subjective assessment, and the fact that she saw it this way is probably representative of a certain percentage of viewers. In any case, as I mentioned, it’s something for me to be aware of going forward.

      • I’m not saying the details aren’t well-drawn. I just felt the panel is… muddled. It might be less confusing if it had been in colour.

    • Always attack the confirmed enemy, but if you can spare it, save a prepared action against the possible/probable enemy, and watch him regardless. Until the ogre mage acts in a hostile manner, he’s possible cannon fodder. Which would both absorb damage that otherwise goes to your team, and softens him for when you DO have to fight him.

      But I forget. I’m thinking logical tactics and this is the H.O.L.E.

  3. Obviously the Ogre Mage needs to invest some more points in his Concentration skill…he seems to have difficulty maintaining his illusions, even when he’s not actually fighting…