44 Responses to 797 – White Smoke Mountain • 163

  1. Hey, a bag-of-rotten-tomatoes! Free action to draw a tomatoe or a sachet of ketchup!

  2. We always grab a good handful of any condiment packages when we go to a fast food restaurant. Horsey Sauce(Horseradish) from Arby’s, Mayonnaise from Chikfila, Parmesan Cheese and Saurkraut from Sam’s Club, Strawberry Jam/Jelly from many places and of course ketchup and mustard. Some times Mom even refills the ketchup bottle with the packets of ketchup. I say frugal, you say cheap LOL

  3. You’ve heard of the Decanter of Endless water? Well Enkidu has enchanted a Belt Pouch of Endless Tomatoes!

  4. Lol either those tomatoes are traveling very fast or Bunker’s helmet is cursed.

    @ Orald
    Cool (your statement yesturday).

  5. Seriously? Enkide is retarded enough to think he’s a hero? He’s a flawed blunt instrument at best.

    On a sidenote, I’m somewhat expecting Violet to stab Bunker in the back with Rusty Razor during this battle, just so she can activate it.

    • You do realize that Enkidu has saved the entire group in 90% of the battles so far? His actions are heroic, even though his attitude is asinine. Enkidu is like a ninja hero.

        • I don’t think saving people in battle automatically makes you a hero. Not if you then prance around crowing about it and claiming it makes you cooler than them, and spend the rest of your time making people miserable. I’m not going to spend too much time pointing out that horrible people have probably backed up their comrades in wars, too, and their victims certainly didn’t think of them as heroes.

      • In that sense, sure. In a great deal of other meanings of the word…? N.O. Or at least not in my book; I freely admit this is my highly subjective opinion.

        I still think this webcomic is at its funniest when the bad guys suffer, and that includes Enkidu and Martin. Watching Erias and Arabax suffer is a pleasure I am highly anticipating, considering one thing and another.

          • Heck, I’ve stuck with this crazy-train this long, despite the drow-on-horse action! :p You needn’t worry; I want to know how it all ends.

            • maybe the same players decide to switch games to Paranoia and become the “Troubleshooters of Zeta Complex” or something…and Bunker’s player is the GM…bwahaahaa!

              • I did toy around with an idea very similar to that for awhile. I guess must have forgotten it before I scripted anything.

                BTW, I personally don’t think that being an asshole exempts you from being a hero. I believe you can be both.

  6. So…the badguy wizard is just standing back while they discuss how they’re gonna fight him? Sounds like a good opportunity to be casting Mass Hold Person to me…