30 Responses to 795 – White Smoke Mountain • 161

  1. Dammit, Freya, stop looking so naked! That ninja body-paint outfit is distracting…

    • I’ve been watching too many of Linkara’s comic reviews to even recognize her skin-tight outfit anymore. compared to what they put in mainstream, professional comics on strong, independent and well-respected female characters, Freya’s current outfit is like a burqa.

      • It is better than the mainstream version of skin tight male superhero uniforms. Those guys either have their package removed at birth or are human/lizard crossovers.

    • While she did steal the outfit from the other female assassin types the party encountered, it was never explained that what she actually took was a can of spray paint.

        • About the scariest thing Clerics can do is the Gate spell…Way back in 1.0, in the Giants module, the party cleric actually succeeded in gating in Heimdall (No, wasn’t me. I was a V1.0 Monk.)

          Guardian of Bifrost + Giants = No XP for the rest of the whole dungeon.

          • This strip was highly educational for me personally, since I had never heard the expression “in case things go pear shaped” before in my life. My googling seems to indicate it’s of British origin…

            • It’s part of the error message you get in DDO when you fumble a teleport and wind up at around a mile in the air above the Marketpace: “Magic is a tricky thing, full of wonder and hope one minute, then suddenly everything goes pear-shaped.”

              I think they lifted it from one of the Discworld novels or something…sounds very Pratchet-ish…