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  1. Uh… Are you aware that “trannie” is regarded as a strong slur? That’s jarringly hateful language for this comic’s general tone.

    • Hmm… perhaps this is a regional thing? Where I am from it really isn’t a slur at all. (Well, I guess it depends rather on the person using it and their intention, instead of simply the use of the word itself.)

      Nevertheless, my intention was not to offend, (this time anyway) and the word is hardly critical, so I’ll change it. This time. 😉

      Edit: After some research I have discovered that there is actually quite a bit of controversy among the transgendered concerning the use of the word. This controversy also seems to be relatively new… mostly within the past 5 years or so. While I tend to come down on the side of owning a slur and stealing its power, I suppose it isn’t really for me to say. It’s an interesting development in any case.

      • Well, the term “Transe”, which means the same in German as “trannie” in English, is a slur and has been for some time. It’s like the N-word. Once upon a time it was considered normal, as in “but everyone (everyone that is not part of the minority in question) uses it, no hard feelings, eh?”, but these days, well….

        • The word typically used for the transmission in a car is a slur? against what, automobiles? My brother’s a mechanic, and refers to those as “Trannies” all the time.

  2. I have to disagree: if Enkidu kills himself with that sword…
    (Or enlists for the Darwin Award 😉

      • <faking d20> No problem – diplomacy or intimidate?</> And the <crossing fingers>promise</> to be able to roll up a new character?

        • Intimidate works best when there is threat of death. “Kill yourself or I’ll kill you” is a notoriously difficult argument to make. Enkidu is also immune to the effects of Diplomacy, given his complete lack of empathy and common sense.

          • I think of motormouthing with natural 20s – he’d be so annoyed to do anything to stop that blabbering…

  3. Well, they have all three weapons. (Assuming this is the real sword.) And even if the sword isn’t “on”, it’s still a soul-sucking sword, right? And even if not, the other two weapons should suffice to kill Erias by themselves. No?

    And, hey Bunker, maybe you forgot, but didn’t Violet put a price on her helping you? Namely, she wanted the sword. I can’t precisely remember if the deal went that she gets the sword after Erias is defeated or right away when it’s found. But maybe you should ask her.

    • “Kill someone you love” to activate sword. I smell a “Vecna’s Head” kind of trap. 🙄

      Are they even certain this is the real artifact? OK, it’s hard to prove because artifact do not radiate magic, if I remember right, but… is no-one suspicious that they all-powerful god-killing sword is just lying around under a piece of furniture? Did the happy-happy mind-mist affect the players too?

      Come on, the sword looks impressive and all, but isn’t that the point of a good fake? To look more impressive than the real thing? Does any of them even know what the real sword is supposed to look like?

      • Did someone just say “holy grail”? You know, the goblet of the King of the Kings? Only one way to find out?

        • At this point, I feel comfortable saying that no one has considered whether or not the sword is genuine. It is certainly possible that the mist may have played a part in this, as it has in a few other decisions the group has made that I have not called attention to.

          Bunker has listened to Violet’s advice, but has certainly never expressed love for her. The reverse is also true. Violet has mentioned a fondness for Bunker, but certainly not love.

  4. The one you love? It didn’t dictate the definition of love, as in physical love or emotional. Violet its been nice knowing you!

  5. Now is the PERFECT time for Martin’s new character to pop up! Right in front of Bunker…. playing one of Bunker’s ex-girlfriends or unrequited lovers. 😈

  6. It’s a bit of luck there’s an evil duplicate of Bunker running about, so that someone evil who really loves Bunker could off him to get the activation…

    (If only he weren’t dead, that is)

  7. Hey, did anybody like fleece? Even a little bit? That Raise ritual may come in useful after all!

    Fleece: You raised me? How sweet!
    Bunker: Yeah…we’ve got something for you… (Stabbity Stab)
    Sword (Darth Vader voice): You raised someone just so I could eat their soul? Wow…and I thought _I_ was evil!

    • Fleece: You raised me? How sweet! (Stabbity Stab)
      Bunker: Ghak! Stop! I was supposed to… urg…
      Sword (Darth Vader voice): Well, it was supposed to be me you killed him with, but close enough. (Ahem) Farewell, friend. I was a thousand times more evil than thou!

      • They could, you know, raise her corpse after tying her up securely, removing any object she could use as a weapon and standing guard over her. I mean, that what I do when I try raising the dead.

        Oh, I meant “I’d do” and “if I tried”! 😯


        Well, getting stabbed by one’s own soul-sucking sword is one of the occupational problems you face when you’re the last emperor of an ancient, decadent, depraved race of demon-worshipping sorcerer elves and doomed to live a life straight out of a Heavy Metal album cover as designed by Boris Vallejo, sprinkled with dragons.

        At least that will never happen to Bunker.

        One second thought, not even Elric did sink so low to have an affair with his own horse…. or do cosplay… the Prince of Ruins still had standards.

  8. One thing I don’t quite understand is this: How come Morty has a List Of Things To Do to activate Rustyrazor? I could understand if a cleric knows how to do various generic magical rituals, but aren’t these three weapons unique? Or did the group actually do some arcane research before they went to visit White Smoke Mountain? It’s just a minor nitpick, though.

    It’s probably Rule of Funny in action.

    • Everything nowadays comes with an instruction manual. And probably lots of “WARNING: Sharp Object” PC-for-TDTL* warning notes too.

      *Too dumb to live.