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      • Maybe stuck between his armor and the flower-ornamented dress? Or the wig gives him a headache…

        • Somehow I get the feeling that with rituals in 4E, wizards and clerics are carrying around bags full of faded old clothes, candle-ends, lavender sachets, pieces of string and other trash. Like old bag ladies, or nursery teachers with a penchant for charades.

          Spellcasters in 4E must lead a very lonely social life.

          • Maybe they get a bag of ritual (similar to a bag of holding, but you have to put in the money to pull out the ritual ingrediences) when graduating… 😥

          • Ritual casters (who may be anybody in 4e) always have the option of substituting any material component of a ritual (that is not a “focus”) with residuum. Residuum is the midachalorians of 4e, and is a powder that remains behind when you willfully destroy a magic item. The value is 20% of the item you destroyed, so you are WAY better off trading magic items and buying your own components. In fact, the trade value of residuum makes it such an unappealing item to carry that ritual casters who do keep it with them for the actual casting of rituals are probably either noobs, entitled showoffs, or deeply stupid.

            I have no bias either way though. 🙄

            • Wouldn’t carrying a little bit of residuum for general purposes(because that 8-hour ritual is totally gonna save your life in a pinch!) be somewhat wise? Like carrying some extra scrolls that can be used for anything.

    • Somehow Bunker manages to look quite badass wearing that getup. Not so badass that you would have him featuring in a film like that, but the kind of thing that if he was in a bar holding that sword, you wouldn’t make jokes about him – at least not to his face.

  1. Astroglide?? 😐 Suddenly I’m fearful of exactly where Bunker is supposed to “sheathe” that sword. 😯

  2. I forgot to mention yesterday:

    Seriously, guys? How can you not support a woman’s right to dress however she likes? Some people like to window shop, you know?

  3. Seeing how annoying the other weapons are, do they REALLY want the sword to start yapping too?

  4. If you have any compassion for Canada, can you do me a favour and pity us really strongly for a while? (More so than usual, I mean).

    Harper just got re-elected with a majority government. This nation will bear the scars of this for decades.

    • What, you mean now that Obama is doing his best to ruin the health-care system in the US, leaving Canadians with nowhere to go if they need rapid emergency care (Yay for health care Death-panel (Whether they’re called that or not) bureaucrats deciding who gets lifesaving care and who doesn’t, eh?), Harper’s not going to fix Canada?

      “I weep for you”, The Walrus said, “I deeply sympathise.”

      • How about Harper doing his best to ruin Canada’s healthcare, so that Canadians won’t be able to get any care whatsoever?

        Fun fact for you about that myth: Vancouver had some major problems with a backlog for a particular heart surgery a couple of years ago (~8? It’s been a while). They got funding to pay for Canadians to go to some nearby hospitals in the USA (Seattle, etc.) completely on the tax payer’s dollar.

        Out of the 50-odd persons eligible for this – and keep in mind, this was COMPLETELY free for them, including the flights and stays, and they could turn it into a mini-vacation if they wanted to – only 2 people went for it.


        No one else trusted the American healthcare system.

        Anyway, Harper’s now got a majority government. His goals to privatize healthcare (!!!), to sell our public waterworks to European corporations (!!!!!), to gut our treasury in exchange for paltry “tax breaks” (the bulk of which will fall on his corporate buddies, I’m sure), now run essentially unopposed. Sure, there’s still an Official Opposition, but Harper has a majority government. He can push basically anything through that he wants.

        What’s absolutely infuriating about this is how he got it. Parliament was dissolved because of a vote of Non-Confidence, which went through because The Conservative Party of Canada was found guilty of Contempt of Parliament. The Canadian people responded by giving him more power. Let’s not mention other things like proroguing the government TWICE in an incredibly short term, or his backdoor deals which obviously aren’t in the interests of the Canadian people (HELLO THERE, METERED INTERNET USAGE).

        • Hey, who needs Internet freedom of speech when the jerks in charge of various countries (USA included) want to install a “Kill switch” so they can turn the Internet off any time they like, eh?

          Not that such a thing could actually work, given the Internet’s distributed nature (It started out as a military network designed to maintain connectivity even in the case of nuclear war, keeping connections up even if most of the nodes were taken out completely)

          But hey, that won’t stop em from trying, with innocent sounding catchphrases like “Net Neutrality” Disguising the internet equivalent of the totally misnamed “Fairness Doctrine” (Hey, who needs free speech when you have the FCC to regulate what you can say, and about whom you can say it?)

        • Wow I wonder if the same thing will happen to your waterworks as happened to our railroads?

          Government didn’t like the cost of service & update, so sells the assets & rights to a private foreign firm.
          Foreign firm puts up prices, cuts services, then refuses to do maintenance because it’s way too expensive and cancels planned upgrades since service quality is dropping.
          Government demands contracts be upheld regarding quality and core services; foreign firm refuses citing that costs were more than they had initially prepared for, and for some reason demand & income hasn’t met the levels cited by the government (so it’s the governments fault, not their poor management (which mostly consisted of signage and advertising)).
          End result the Government buys back the original assets, now even worse for wear, with 5 years heavy use and no maintenance….and they pay more for it than the original sale price!! (even adjusting for inflation) … and still has to do all the original maintenance and upgrades.

    • This is what you bastards get for producing Celine Dion!

      I never really understood that joke, it’s not like she’s that terrible, just…boring.

    • In my riding a potted plant won with over 50% of the vote….

      All of the candidates except the Marxist one, (who gets about 100 votes every election) were new this time. The riding was conservative before but our old MP wasn’t running this time. The conservative candidate didn’t even show up for some of the candidate debates and she was replaced with a potted plant.

      When she did show up there wasn’t much difference, she just spouted Harper’s catchphrases, (to loud boos from the crowd) and ignored anything that didn’t fit in her canned response list.

      The NDP candidate got the name of the riding wrong in one debate, fumbling and in general proving he needs a course in public speaking. He spent his whole time talking about how other NPD in the past have been good. Nothing about what he or his party would do.

      The Liberal and Green party candidates were both eloquent speakers who responded to questions well and actually had answers to “where do you/your party stand on X”.

      Despite this being an obvious 2 party race between green and liberal for anyone sane in my riding the results were:
      Green Party 13%
      Liberal 14.2%
      Conservative 56.5%
      NDP 15.9%
      Marxist-Leninist 0.4%

      I blamed the Americans for electing Bush twice, (not saying the other guy was better, but he shouldn’t have even won the primaries) but Canadians seem to be just as dumb.

      Thus proving the maxim: People are dumb. A single person can be intelligent, but people as a whole are very, very dumb.