The Tuesday Videos: Baby Marshmallow Edition

I posted one of these a while back with the voice of The Dude. I like this one better, though it runs a little long. Maybe it’s just because it’s unscripted, but the lines seem a lot funnier.

For something a little lighter, though possibly no less inane, I give you the sober and considered musings of the Marshmallow People.

It’s possible that someone out there has not seen the TWIN BABY BOYS HAVING A CONVERSATION video. If not, and you’re interested, I’ll put it at the bottom to give you some perspective. (But you certainly don’t need to watch the whole thing.) If you’ve already seen it, or you just don’t care, go ahead and watch the Funny or Die spoof. This one you should definitely watch to the end.

17 Responses to The Tuesday Videos: Baby Marshmallow Edition

  1. The sheer amount of scary fun people post on the internet makes me wonder what they did before the internet was available…. 🙄

  2. “We should totally eat people!”

    I have a foreboding feeling that this will happen today 😯

  3. “This video has been removed because it violated YouTube’s conditions and terms of service…” is what I see for the twin baby boys…

          • Gracias. That was pretty freakin cute for about 30 seconds and then, well, I guess you have to be related. Anyway, now I get the spoof, lol.

            • There might be something wrong with me because I only get an annoyed and violent reaction to the original(which I kept forwarding in hopes there was actually something funny and not just a couple of toddlers emitting annoying noises as they ALWAYS do). Now if those were puppies or kittens I wouldn’t mind, but human babies are just gross and annoying.
              When grown men do it, on the other hand, it is somewhat funny, but true to the original, they kept on doing the silly “speech” for longer than I could stomach. I also wanted to scream at the younger man to close the fridge door already.

              The Marshmallow People were alright, and they did have some good ideas to pass boredom which I might try later. Quite educational, apart from the flying otter. They should have made it swim instead.