The Tuesday Videos:

This first video claims to be a trailer, but I have to wonder. Regardless, it does officially put Hollywood on notice… you no longer need a high power production studio and deep-pocketed backers to make quality cinema. In fact, you don’t need much more than a webcam, a green bedspread, and a $1.99 animation app for kids.

The next two vids are here to tide over the Potterheads ’till July 15th. While some may feel these fan-created videos lack the quality of the source material, they are certainly way more… uh… musical?

And the older generation kicks it old-school.

14 Responses to The Tuesday Videos:

  1. Ok, if I’m not mistaken, the person playing Potter was a butchy young girl and the person playing “Granga” was a not so feminine dude. And I whole support those decisions :mrgreen:

  2. I only save this expression for the most elite of confusing random events… the first video is definitely a WTFBBQ?? moment.

    Thanks for showing me this youtube channel, (2 & 3 videos) it is pretty entertaining.

  3. I am of the firm opinion that “Rap” should always be spelled with a “C” in front, since it was developed to give legions of no-talent hacks the chance to claim they’re performing artists. There are maybe 2 or 3 rappers in the entire industry that have any talent.

    To those who claim that rap is an “art form”, I am also of the opinion that if _I_ can do something beyond the Dilettante stage, it’s not art. I’m not at all talented, beyond passable video editing skills…

    • Read Henry Louis Gates’ The Signifying Monkey.

      Also don’t forget hip hop first showed up for gangsters to escape gangs.

      That being said: I hate rap too.

    • Huh, so you’re 46 y-o, somewhat older than I thought. And you already have an internet stalker/impersonator on YouTube? 😆

      • His account got nuked several years ago though…doesn’t mean his posts ever got deleted however…

  4. Hmm, I don’t think that hollywood will be quaking over #1 any time soon. I have seen CGI and similar which matches anything to come out from there.

    The problem is that mainstream productions are really the only ones who are able to put together anything other than fairly short films.