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  1. Lol, so we know there are 122 posts left in HOLE. Everyone dies…and zombie Martin gets a happy ending. ❓ ❗

    • Nevermind…it’s April Fool’s. Funny that you seeded the idea earlier to add credibility

      • No, no, the date is just a coincidence, this is the real ending. And good riddance to H.O.L.E too! Now I can dedicate more time to better comics than this.

      • Someone on my Facebooks wrote a few weeks ago, “The best April Fool’s Day gag is one that comes a day early.” the idea just stuck with me.

  2. Well, that ending was certainly worth the wait. 🙂 Am I the only one reminded of the opening to that Firefly episode “Our Mrs. Reynolds” for some reason? I bet his robes are very roomy too.

  3. I knew the secret joke by complete accident from another location. Oh well.

    Unrelated, but since I missed the conversation yesterday, here are my house rules for D&D (3.5):

    1) No Save Or Die effects. Will be judged on a case-by-case basis, but shouldn’t be hard to figure out. (Petrification = dex damage, necromantic = con damage, etc.)

    2) NO defensive casting! The feat ‘Combat Casting’ gives +4 AC to the AoOs instead.

    3) Fighters get 1d4+6 +con mod hp instead of 1d10, more skill points and some other stuff. Yeah. Probably better off with Tome of Battle classes.

    4) Paladin variant.

    5) Diplomacy does not usually change a target’s reaction towards the individual, but rather towards a course of action. Usually.

    6) No multiclass experience penalties, ever. Instead, having levels in a favoured class gives an extra 2 skill points (one time only, not multiplied at first).

    7) Wish and Miracle are not spells that a caster can cast on a regular basis. Only under exceptional circumstances.

    8) Goblins get the racial feat “Run.” Kobolds get claw + bite attacks. Other such changes are common.

    9) I don’t know psionics at all. If you want to try it let me know well ahead of time, otherwise it won’t be in the campaign.

    10) For prestige classes, just talk to me about what you’re going after. I might be able to make one you like more.
    10b) I also lay off the requirements for certain prestige classes like Mystic Theurge or Arcane Trickster or the like.

    11) Can invest XP into Animate Dead in order to remove the undead from your animated HD limit. (10 + level) * HD of undead.

    12) Wildspell feat does not exist.

    13) Weapon Finesse, and Power Attack are automatic and every one has them. You can power attack while using weapon finesse (consider it a ‘focused attack’ or some such).

    14) All magical weapons with a combined enchantment of +3 in total return once thrown. If it has the Of Returning property, it IMMEDIATELY reappears in the thrower’s hand after being thrown and missing or doing damage.

    15) No class skills. All skills are class skills.

    • Nice. I’ll have to comment in-debth on Sunday…I’m away over the weekend.

      I switched to Pathfinder, with a small handful of houserules.
      I created my own Pathfinder goblins and kobolds to be PCs equal to other LA +0 small races, meaning goblins get very good dodge ability (no doubt from dodging the many kicks aimed at them in life).

      I have considered simply omitting the Weapon Finesse feat that let’s you use melee weapons with DEX instead STR and allowing every character to pick, at char creation, if he wants to use DEX for melee or STR… exceptions made for certain large weapons like battle hammers that can ONLY be used with STR, and other weapons like the rapier, that can only be used with DEX – and maybe bring back minimum attribute requirements for using certain weapons. That way, the small and nimble races and character concepts like the swashbuckler are no longer automatically disadvantaged and forced to buy a feat simply to off-set the obsession of D&D designers with STR. A lot of other RPGs use DEX for melee and dodge anyway. Could be conbined with using armor as reducing damage instead of dodging and armor both applying to AC. That way, the big hulking guy in armor with a battle-axe profits from high STR, while the nimble elven swashbuckler profits from DEX.

      but I havent implemented that yet. Glad my group was willing to give Pathfinder a try. The guy playing the paladin objected to “armor as damage reduction instead of AC” on the grounds that it would mean armor would get damaged all the time, and D&D usually does not implement damage to equipment unless an opponent has feats like Sunder Weapon.

      • Love those! Especially everyone getting weapon finesse. That did remind me of another house rule I like to use. Dominations and stuns are always “until the end of caster’s next turn” rather than “save ends” when used against PCs. Sitting there watching everyone else fight all night just ain’t no damn fun.

        • I made a mistake in that list:

          “Wildspell” should have been “Natural Spell.” Because, you know, druids are already the bomb and all.

          (When I ran the gestalt game where they were being superheroes, druids were the only class I wouldn’t let gestalt. I put a few restrictions on clerics, but druids? No gestalt. You’re already a gestalt as a druid.)

  4. Reminds me of the ending of the comic book “Masque” (The predecessor to “The Mask”) where the author wanted to end it and couldn’t come up with a good ending, so he took a friends’ suggestion of “Have all the main characers riding in a car, and they look in the rear view mirror and Masque is in the back seat with a bomb..the car explodes, the end.”

  5. That flower-hat is kind of creepy…
    Besides: what is cooler than an explosion? An implosion!
    And I bet the chances of surviving that final meltdown are a million to one :mrgreen:

  6. Once you’ve eaten some guy’s brain, you’re practically married anyway. In the eyes of the Church of Azathoth, at least.