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    • It has always bothered me how you can find replacement party members further ahead in the dungeon you had to bust and force in to get that far, and is a tomato even in the PHB as an allowable player race?

      • Here I was looking forward to how Martin could powergame a tomato. Guess he shouldn’ t have taken the “Juicy” flaw.

        • 😆

          It’s a half-troll half-dragon dungeon-bred spicy tomato, with regeneration and a chili breath attack… a tenth the size of regular killer tomatoes, but twice the punch!

          • I daresay the favorite class of PC tomatoes is monk. They have a natural talent for unarmed combat, you know. 😉

            Although rules for swashbuckling pirate tomatoes and ninja stealth tomatoes are supposed to be released next year.

    • In my head it was someone else in the party, but I’m not sayin’ and it doesn’t really matter… so it gets to be whoever you want it to be the most!

    • Isn’t Freya still dead, or do we take it for granted that in 4e someone who’s lungs have been removed and fed to a manticore can be healed just as easily as someone with a stubbed toe?

      I’ve been out of the game too long…

        • Freya is the DM’s Girlfriend…a few minutes…or possibly seconds in the bathroom with the DM… and Freya could not only be alive…but have her stats boosted.

      • Freya is dead, yes. But since this is 4.0 now and she didn’t have her soul sucked out by an evil and powerful force of creation in the shape of a sword whose blade is made of the night sky, that’s really just an inconvenience. Anyone able to cast rituals (like Morty can) who is trained in the Heal skill (like Morty is) and has the Raise Dead ritual in their book (like Morty does) can bring her right back to life. Well… for varying degrees of “right back”. Let’s all agree that “right back” means “eight hours later”.

        • Raise Dead is only an 8th level ritual now, IIRC, but I could be wrong, it’s been a long time and I never actually got to 8th level…ever, really(gaming groups just don’t seem to last long enough even when I can find one, and I’ve only ever played with two).

              • I disagree – death in D&D is cheap. Resurrection isn’t.
                Quite in contrast to the real world – resurrection is only granted by gods, but then for free… 😉