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  1. Oh, Kev. Why didn’t you were mature by the moment the old TV Batman series were running?

    Though…MAAAAAYBE they might get you to do the animated sound effects if Frank Miller gets to do his ver…I mean, “take” on Batman. Nothing like excessively violent, potentially lethal sound effects to spice up a battle!

    Also: I feel glad for ol’ Bunk. How hard it is to solo a Manticore on 4e?

    • 4e makes it super-easy to scale monsters up and down to your players level of difficulty. (Hey I found something nice to say!) So a manticore should always be a challenge. Also, there were two manticores which were supposed to be a good fight for a full party, and Bunker took one down by himself. Mathematically, he did pretty freakin’ good.

      • Especially since our nice and fair DM here probably made them a bit stronger than advised.
        Or maybe he was counting on Fleece to weaken them enough?

  2. *looks puzzled at the 4th panel*
    *looks again*

    I’m still trying to figure out what is happening in that fourth panel there. It’s rather… crowded and confusing. OK, Bunker managed to stab the manticore in the head, check. But who charged? The manticore at Bunker, or Bunker at the manticore? And Bunker is… spinning around? Why? 😐

    Well it’s good to see they’re winning for a change. But why do I have the suspicion that this is merely a misdirection by Kevin, to lull us into a false sense of security? First the protagonists get their asses kicked by surprise attacks. Then when all hope seems lost the clerics revives them for a second round of combat, and they turn the tables on the enemy. But just when they seem to have won, something horrible will happen… 🙁

    • My guess is: the manticore charges, Bunker spins out of the way and stabs the manticore in the head.

      • Yes, manticore charges, Bunker gets the hell out of the way and stabs. When I first drew this I debated over whether to narrate it, eventually deciding that gamers would have little trouble deciphering a graphic representation of a D&D battle. Apparently I reckoned without my lack of graphical skill.

        For those of you who wish to know what is actually happening, the narration has been added back in.

        • If you don’t mind: you should give the “middle” Bunker a little more detail, so that the progression is obvious.

        • You’re an artist, man! Stand by your vision! The first version was better and set up a great punchline, if anyone doesn’t understand what happened they are free to put their own interpretations on it, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of open-ended ambiguity.

          Don’t let anyone denigrate your graphical skill. Those manticores look just fine.

          • Thanks, I appreciate that. But like I said, this was really my original direction, I simply second-guessed myself and changed it. I don’t mind going back to the first draft.

  3. Off-topic: Finished watching the first Game of Thrones episode 20 minutes ago. Sqeeeeeeee!!! And Puppies!!! 😀
    And a lot of exposed skin, more than I’m usually comfortable with* when it’s not that kind of show, but then again it comes from the books themselves. 😳
    And puppies!!! Summer looks so heartachingly adorable!!! 😀

    * I blame my religious upbringing and shy(and delicate 🙄 ) nature.

    • It’s on here in the UK tonight, it’s the first series in a while I’ve got excited about. Ticks all the boxes for my kind of TV. I’ll let you know tomorrow if it hits the spot.

    • I liked it except the snow… it looked REALLY fake to me. Maybe it’s because I have to trudge through the stuff on a daily basis.

      They got the medieval and fantasy stuff they had to make from scratch looking realistic, but couldn’t get something like snow where they could have used the real thing looking realistic? That just bugs me.

      • I’m not a snow expert, so I can’t comment on how real it looks, but obviously it’s a location problem. They didn’t bother with snow for a lot(all scenes taking part in the North actually) of the scenes, but I can grudgingly ignore that.
        I also think Sansa is played by an actress who’s way too old for her, even if they aged her up to 13(yet she’s still not had her period, as in the books(kind of a plot point, I’m glad they kept that). That could have still worked if they cast an older looking Joffrey instead of the current one who looks, and is, just right for the part(at least as far as age is concerned, I can’t look at him and say “yeah, he looks treacherously handsome, like his parents”, the actor is ugly, I think it’s mostly his jawline, and Sansa falling in love with him based on his looks seems ridiculous). The whole dynamic between them is pretty much screwed just by that fact alone(unless some miracle of writing, directing and acting occurs).
        At least it’s still there with Drogo and Daenerys(AND Viserys, so very much so 😆 ), something I was afraid about when I saw how aged up she looked(Yeah…good luck using an underage actress for all those nude and sex scenes).
        So…If filming an underage actress doing such scenes is forbidden, why is writing/reading a book filled with that stuff allowed?

        • Er, because a story in a book is fictional? Even if it’s a description of a real events, it’s still only letters on a page.

        • Well, the way america deals with nude and sex in films, that question is obsolete – those things are simply narrated. Or shadow theatre.
          But you can have people play in adams/eves costume without it being a porno – examples are out there. 😀

          When in other countrys females have to cover their hair (so no man can be distracted), why am I complaining? 🙄

  4. Excellent! Now Bunker just needs to skin the beast and wear it as a trophy. Those wings will make an excellent cloak.

        • That reminds me of way back in 2nd grade(age 7) when I first got to know D&D. We were at a wedding of one of the players(who was my brother, ingame) when bandits attacked and locked us up with no weapons. After escaping we wandered a forest, made some cheap clubs from tree limbs and were set upon by a bear. After getting trashed quite a bit(low level characters, armed with makeshift weapons…why are D&D bears so tough anyway?) we killed it and made some upgrades to our lame weapons using it’s claws and teeth(Without proper tools, even a simple knife, now that I think about it…But we were 7 at the time).
          In an annoying return of events my last group came under attack of a dire-bear or something, got our asses handed to us until finally killing it(I fucking missed. Every goddamn shot. How the fuck does it get such a high Will save against my only available 1v1 spell? I hate wizards)…and then the cutting up of the corpse began, or at least some weird bickering about it, supposedly it had something to do with roleplaying but it sounded like they were just in it for the bickering.