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      • Which brings up the thought of Freya… did she study the Frog Form? Able to breath through her skin?

      • It doesn’t? Was that a change in 4e? I was pretty sure the ONLY way to kill a troll was with fire or acid. In all other cases the little bits of troll vibrate and pull towards each other until they form a troll again. Of course stomachs generally have acid in them so that might work.

        • Not quite. Fire and acid were just things that a troll was specifically vulnerable to. Under 3.5 rules, all creature with regeneration, be it trolls, certain demons, razor boars, and similar, ultimately have the “weak spot” that you can still drown them/suffocate them… if you can call that a weak spot, because it works on most other creatures too (except for constructs, undead and oozes).

          In some cases, if the monster is also resistant or immune to elemental damage (fire, acid, etc) and more or less immune to everything else (i.e. poison) due to high FORT saves, and has high Damage Resistance and Spell Resistance – I’m looking at YOU, razor boar! – drowning them is sometimes the only way to get rid of them.

          • Reminds me of the joke:

            “I know how we can tell if he’s a vampire! They die if you shove a stake through their heart!”

            “You dummy…a stake through the heart would kill ANYTHING!”

  1. Morty’s stomach sure regenerates, he looks pregnant in the last panel(but who knows how it works with trolls anyway).

    Also, called shot to the nuts!

    • Aaaagh, damn it, Orald.
      *shakes fist*
      Now i will wander around the rest of the day seeing “Gamers” in my head.

      ………….uhm, come to think of it…That’s not really all bad… 🙂

  2. Today’s update makes me very happy. 😀
    The group finally works together to beat a mutual enemy!
    Enkidu actually uses his spells smartly! (A shield spell he should have used against the manticores, the idiot.)
    Enkidu is kicked in the balls! YES!
    Critical stab to the heart! Go, Bunker!

    Now, about those manticores…

  3. I just noticed Enkidu has a beard shadow. 😯 Wasn’t he clean-shaven when they entered White Smoke Mountain? How long have they been trudging through this dungeon?

  4. Fleece looks curiously unscathed by that fireball. Is she holding out some sort of fire resistance item? Maybe I missed it- I wasn’t keeping track of all the unsanctioned booty-grabbing. 😛

      • I don’t know how much AD&D has changed over the years, but you can’t really dodge a fireball- it’s 30′ radius. And that’s not given any of the new modifications or whatever. Bout all you can do is save for half, and Fleece isn’t even slightly singed. How can you MISS with a bloody fireball???

          • I thought about this well after I drew it, but she was damaged by the fireball, I just didn’t think to include it. I might go back and fix this later.

            • Ah! So I wasn’t hallucinating and imagining things! When I looked at the comic strip again just now, I thought, “Wait a minute… something is different… what’s that, is that smoke coming from Fleece? Was that already there on Friday? I’m pretty sure it wasn’t there on Friday…”
              So you did indeed change the panels.

            • At first I thought Bunker had a flaming sword… sorry, a sword with a burning blade (I blame the lewd artifact weapons in this dungeon crawl putting words into my mouth!), and this was where the smoke came from. But there was no Sizzle sound effect.

        • “I don’t know how much AD&D has changed over the years, but you can’t really dodge a fireball- it’s 30′ radius.”

          See my previous post: Evasion allows you to take no damage on any missed AOE attack that would normally deal half damage if it was against Reflex or AC. So, yes, you can now dodge a fireball. Evasion worked similarly in 3.5 if I recall correctly.

          But as Kevin has stated below, that’s not what happened in this case after all.

          • I always thought that the whole evasion/reflex save thing in D&D was a little insane. All the time taking shamelessly advantage of it of course.. :mrgreen:

    • Plus, she does have those little smoking patches on her. Assuming she took half damage, or Enkidu just rolled really crappy damage, (don’t know how that works in 4e; don’t care either) Fleece looks about how I’d expect a slightly toasty rogue to look.

  5. I *cannot* believe no one has commented on how upset Bunker’s wife is going to be that he has his sword between Fleece’s boobs. #wherehaveallthepervertsgone