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  1. I’m not very familiar with 4e rogues, but I don’t think they have a 4e equivalent of evasion. On the flip side, 4e rogues definatly have high Reflex defense. Thus, its highly probable that Fleece survived that attack easily.

    • Evasion exists as a Feat now, and it means you take no damage on a miss. If Enkidu rolled high enough to hit her Reflex defense, she’s toast.

      • Given that she’s an elf rogue, maybe he should have selected a spell that forces a fortitude save. Fortitude is not the greatest… er, fortitude of elves nor rogues.
        On the other hand, this is Enkidu, he’s not that bright.

  2. I’m having a little trouble following this… were those Freya’s monk-lungs? Because if so, I’m no doctor but I’m pretty sure that’s kind of serious…

        • @Chris – She may not even be dead. If I remember correctly, you are not outright dead in 4e unless your at -1/2 your max HP. The group is fairly high level, so even forcibly removing her lungs may not have kicked her that far down.

          • And if you do a 20 on your death saving throw, you spend a healing surge starting from 0 HP…

            • I wonder if a house-rule for 2nd wind based on Borderlands would be good. Namely, when you’re down you’ve got some time(say, a round in D&D terms) to still kill an enemy(possibly under some penalty) to get a second wind. Sort of like a last lunge/spell before you fall unconscious to the floor and begin your 3 save rolls.
              It’s probably only good against minions, but hey, anything’s better than just laying there in the dirt.

              • You’re thinking about borrowing a concept from a flawed FPS to integrate with a degenerate TBS? I foresee no problems with this.

                  • Turn Based System.

                    I had a ton of fun with Borderlands too, but I would never call it anywhere near ‘perfect’ (ie: unflawed). Politicized language, yo.

                    • I wouldn’t exactly call some of the things I don’t like about it “flaws”. That’s too harsh a word IMO.
                      So flawed&degenerate…Does that mean AC hates both or is it supposed to mean they’re just not to his taste(I think the former is correct)? I mean, Blizzard games like Warcraft and that Warcraft-In-Space are good games but I happen to hate that type of gameplay and can’t enjoy them too much. Even so I wouldn’t say they’re bad, on the contrary.

                      Only thing bad so far I have to say about Borderlands is the severely limited and slowly expanding carrying capacity(but then again I have a hard time giving up any loot, so maybe it’s just me…so greedy), the very quick respawning of enemies(meaning you have to clear many places twice or more to achieve even one objective, which can be tiring at times), the auto-save system(I’m used to saving when I want to) and the fact that I’ve yet to find a decent, rapid-firing lightning elemental SMG(preferably scoped) for my Siren(Krom’s pistol still works wonders though against those Crimson Lance guys, though their shrieks when dying from lightning attacks have started to unnerve me), or a similar corrosive SMG.
                      But all apart from the last can be seen in Diablo 2 as well(minus some of the respawning, only when quitting/loading a game.
                      Anyway, I’m having fun and I hear people say that’s what supposed to be important.

                      P.S. Maybe the XP rewards from quests are also a bit too high.

                      P.P.S. Although it’s on a planet called Pandora there doesn’t seem to be a pop-culture reference for any of Frank Herbert’s Pandora novels, which I find blasphemous.

            • No, but regardless of what 4e’s detractors say, it still makes room for common sense. Of course, there’s none of that to be found with this bunch.

              • Ongoing damage? she’s a monk they don’t need to breath at high enough level… what level is she now? Taking out the lungs would cause damage. Once they are gone if she doesn’t use them anymore I don’t see a problem…. of course her character would be mute until they find a regeneration ritual.

  3. Aaaaand that settles her hash. Nothing like a fireball for solving problems. Of course, with Fleece being insane she may have just imagined the whole lung-thing. Of course, there’s still a live manticore down there. I wonder if it has a taste for broiled Elf?

  4. Wonder why Morty even bothered to tell Enkidu not to use charm spells…from what we’ve seen, Enkidu isn’t the sort to use anything less than lethal force to solve problems…

    • I got the impression it was more that Morty was telling Enkidu he had no objection to using lethality THIS time. Sort of like Spock telling Kirk not to bother with his Vulcan sensibilities in choosing how to deal with the Romulans at the end of the latest movie. (There, no real spoilers, not that that should be important by now.)
      And no, I didn’t remember. That makes more sense.

      • I think he maybe does, though I’m fairly sure he has never used it. (I imagine there are others here who could tell you better than I.) However, Jochi had the right of it, in that Morty’s comment was akin to Kirk saying, “Set phasers to Fireball.”

  5. Wait, if this is a hallucination of Martin, existing only in Fleece’s mind, why does he ask where his body is? 😐 Or is this really Martin’s ghost after all? But Martin of all people should know where he died, so… um… I’m confused now. 😕

    Nice fireball, though! 😈

    • Although it’s never been established whether Martin is a ghost or a hallucination, (well, the clues have been there since the beginning, but I’m not giving it away) it kind of depends on what Fleece was going to say. A ghost might know where his corpse was, or he might not. Especially if it was moved. Conversely, if he’s a hallucination, then either Fleece could think he didn’t know and would need her to tell, or neither of them really know. Another possibility is that the ghost doesn’t know, and that the living Martin misdirected the party before he left, (or at least Fleece) and she was going to say the completely wrong thing anyway.