25 Responses to 783 – White Smoke Mountain • 149

  1. So, bets are on if Martin’s player survives the end of this campaign with his ribs and front teeth intact?

  2. That … looks quite TPK-ish.


    Is Bunker still skewered at 2 hp left or was he finished off by Morty’s lithe frame ?

    Will he be able to snap Fleece out of her madness by renewing his confession of love while he is bleeding to death and supposed to not be able to talk ?

      • You would hope that our fearless Cleric would actually use his clerical abilities and stay in the fight no?

        • Is Morty still a troll with regeneration? I lost track of his many transformations.
          Bunker’s “wife” is a half-troll, though.

          • Morty began as a dwarf. Then he was a bunny. Then he was a troll. Then he got a Hat of Disguise that he uses to make him look like a dwarf again… which was important since most people object to trolls in their taverns.

            • Sorry to correct you: Morty began as a dwarf, was resurrected as a short troll, was bunny-cursed and the curse lifted.

              • “Morty began as a dwarf, was resurrected as a short troll, was bunny-cursed and the curse lifted.”

                Yeh, that was the chain of events that I could remember, too. The ancient druid reincarnated him as a troll, and they used the hat to make him look like a dwarf, only he grew into a full-sized troll over time, and then the curse on the golden keg turned him into a dwarf-bunny.

                But I can’t remember if Morty was transformed back into a full fledged dwarf when the group was casting that ritual to turn Enkidu from a pig-faced fat orc woman back into male Enkidu and as a side effect the enchantment on Morty was also broken, or if it merely turned him back into a troll (technically his real form after the reincarnation) who once again uses the hat of disguise.
                And I’m too lazy to go through the archives to check.

                I don’t believe that a ritual designed to end enchantments and reverse a polymorph curse is powerful enough to transform someone who was dead and was reincarnated as a different species back into his PREVIOUS self. I think you need a Wish spell for something like that. Because someone reincarnated as a troll is not polymorphed, he really *is* a troll now.

                If Morty’s still a troll, the group may still have a chance, unless she burns him to ashes (but how?). Technically this new Fleece should not even *know* Morty is a troll… has she ever seem him as a troll? Of course, Martin’s player knows.

  3. So… was telling us that the “end is nigh” message was an April Fools joke the actual April Fools joke?

  4. So is this White Smoke Mountain part 149 or part 150?
    Or is it both at the same time? Or neither?