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  1. First Ha (After the one above me gets deleted).

    Is it me or is there a little bit of potion left in that bottle?

    Also, according to the tags, what are “mabticores”?

    So, lets see how ‘Stabby spice’ gets on against the lady whose only power is DM’s Girlfriend Kung Fu…

    • News for you, Alan: I can’t even imagine the trolly-spammy-obscene-flaming comment I’d have to make before I get deleted around here! 😛

          • No, getting US Congress to pass laws in the public interest with no porkbarrel or partisan point-scoring involved is a challenge, posting something that gets you banned/deleted around here just makes you yet another dumbass, mis-socialized twit.

            • I would have thought getting the US Congress to pass ANYTHING with none of the above would be impossible, not a challenge.

              Kinda like getting the press to not show it’s marxist liberal bias by painting any politician or political movement (Taxed Enough Already party anyone?) that could potentially threaten the monopoly on power shared by the ancient dinosaurs in the congress and the fourth estateFifth Column as Mindless racist mysogynistic neanderthals would be a challenge. (No, this isn’t derailing the topic…AC was the one who brought up politics this time…)

              • Well…I hate to disagree with you but he didn’t. He brought up politicians being a useless in bunch, nothing about any kind of political view, which you did. So regardless of it being the truth this isn’t supposed to be here.
                And I totally didn’t explain this just to say I agree with you about the media.

  2. Eh, i totally forgot about the invisible insane rogue with the Sweeney Todd tendencies…. :mrgreen:

      • Oh. PLEASE! Artemis Fowl is WAY better than Harry Potter – it has (irish) humor in it 😀

        • I read the first book of Artemis Fowl and half the second book… and just couldn’t take it any more. I guess some folks dig it, but I found it to be extremely dull.

          • Request for comparative opinions: Thoughts on Harry Potter doorstops and Dan Brown.

            • I think Harry’s head makes an excellent doorstop.

              As for fantasy stories, I was more into the Dragonriders of Pern, the Amber stories, and Elric of Melnibone’

                • Let’s see…more novels/series I like: (Ones with an “*” are the first book in a series.)

                  Pride of Chanur* (C. J. Cherryh)
                  A Spell For Chameleon* (Piers Anthony Danger, Pungeon Master Alert )
                  The Ship Who Sang* (Anne McCaffrey)
                  The Light Fantastic* (Terry Pratchett)
                  Magic Kingdom For SaleSOLD!* (Terry Brooks)
                  There Will Be Time* (Poul Anderson)
                  Hard Sell (Piers Anthony – No puns in this one)
                  Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon* (Spider Robinson)

                  Oh…and every single book and story Azimov ever wrote, particularly in his Robots universe.

                • Yup, loved zelazny. Too bad he’s dead 🙁
                  Also, the Black Company by Glen Cook litterally changed my life. Surpringly enough, I’m not a great fan of his other works.

                • Someone once told me that Moorecock was good and handed me Witches of Karres. Are you telling me he is capable of more than just embarrassingly bad, pedophilic, shlock, space-psychic fantasy?

                  • LOL! Oh yeah. He is.

                    Moorcock is one of those crazy-smart people that can blend into most any strata and write to whatever level he’s trying to reach. Big on individual empowerment and rights.

                    Zelazny on the other hand seemed to write from himself. He was a bit more personal, and was a master of the page-turner, writing books it was an effort to put down.

                    • Well Moorcocks’ best stuff is the Elric saga – The heartwarming tale of the emperor of an evil empire of an ancient race (Think sorcerer-elves with a really bad attitude) who just wants to be a nice guy, and winds up…well, that would be a spoiler wouldn’t it?

                      “BLOOD AND SOULS FOR MY LORD ARIOCH!” – Elric

                    • Elric was the most notorious among the avatars of the Eternal Champion for accidentally killing not just his enemies (those death weren’t “accidental”) and his own race (not accidental casualties either, more like victims of circumstance) and the chaos lords his race worshipped (there’s a theme here: don’t piss off Elric), but his friends, allies, lovers too… Whoops. Butterfingers.

                      Standing anywhere near Elric when he wielded Stormbringer was potentially lethal. Or rather, standing anywhere near the rune sword was.

                      Elric’s life was what you get when you soak a Blind Guardian heavy metal album cover in LSD and sprinkle it with dragons. You can’t even call the guy emo… not because the word wasn’t invented yet in the 1960s, but because he had valid reasons to brood and lament his fate.

                • Kevin wrote: “Dragonriders left me cold”

                  Ah, Kevin, that is because Dragonriders of Pern was aimed at girls. And women. It was My Little Pony, but with dragons. And sex.

                  It got better once it because more apparent that Pern was actually not a Fantasy world, but a SciFi setting. Not to mention the prequel, which chronicled the first landing of human colonists on Pern, and which didn’t have any tedious telepathic dragon rider sex in it from what I can remember.

              • “As for fantasy stories, I was more into the Dragonriders of Pern, the Amber stories, and Elric of Melnibone’”

                Weren’t we all, during the 1980s….?