19 Responses to 780 – White Smoke Mountain • 146

  1. Say what you like, but it is perfectly logical for the manticores to spike Bunker the instant he appears in their tier.

      • You paint an interesting image…

        *adventurer appears in a cave*
        *manticore jumps down from ledge, smacks adventurer with tail*
        *manticore: “BOO-YAH!”*
        *other manticore: “Nice spike, Gary! Now slap him over here, I’ve got the net all set up.”*

    • You know, a trick for hunting wild boars is to climb a tree an then throw a garbage can at them. They’ll run into the can repeatedly until they tire themselves out and then they are easy prey. I guess bunker was the closest thing they had to a garbage can.

    • Bunker is also doing exactly what he’s supposed to do- act as a meat shield. That’s what fighters etc are for.
      In my brief stint as a fighter we were doing some house-to-house fighting in a closed off quarter of a city, trying to get to the source of a sudden plague of undead&crazies. In at least one of the houses we checked I stood at the door, blocking the enemy’s access to the rest of the party while allowing our own forces to use their ranged attacks(can’t attack through an enemy but allies can attack through you) since I had the most HP and highest/tied AC, not to mention having only melee attacks.
      I think when we were besieged for a bit in one of the houses I again stood in the doorway while the rest were shooting out of windows and from behind me.

      Even out in the open most of the fighter’s powers revolve around getting the enemy to engage only him and not allowing them to pass him and hit the squishier members of the party.

  2. Surely Morty hitting Bunker on the back will only knock the spikes out and fire them back at the Manticore?