The Tuesday Videos: Community Edition

Apologies up front for those of you who A) don’t like it when I post vids that are all of a piece, and B) don’t have 22 minutes to spare.

The TV show is Community. It’s a fast-paced sort of frenetic comedy, that depends more on a rushing quantity of jokes than quality side-splitters. Thus it was the perfect venue for exploiting a D&D table. You do not need to be at all familiar with the show (I wasn’t) to enjoy this, all the characters are adequately introduced right at the start.

So settle in, put on your geek cap, and enjoy… The Caverns of Draconis…

18 Responses to The Tuesday Videos: Community Edition

    • Even though it was just played for laughs, I loved how into it he was. I tried (for like, a minute) a few weeks ago to do voices and stuff, but was instantly chastised for it by my table. Apparently I just kinda suck at that. The Ron here in the comments is pretty great at it, and I love the way it helps to immerse you in the game.

      • I’ve never really thought about it much until you pointed it out. It’s like I get into some kind of “DM zone” with the storytelling. Apparently there’s a part of me that likes to ham it up for his friends, but I can usually only access that space when I’m behind the screen.

      • Definitley takes a certain type of person to see through the social teasing and just perform. Watching the video I felt a little embarassed seeing someone ‘really’ act the part (I embarass easy) but I was also really into the story.

        • I didn’t really want to dis this because it was funny overall, but I have to agree I got embarrassed for its portrayals. Not just the DM, but the whole group. It all seemed like it wasn’t solely teasing and joking about the sillier aspects of RPGs, but making fun of the people who play them, and not only in a good way. I don’t know why, it just seemed weird and disconnected, like they weren’t really familiar with the whole concept of such games.
          The Gamers 1&2 did it better, even if their acting was amateurish at best(at least in the 1st one, but what can you expect? Besides, it only helped to endear it in my eyes). And as to “voice-acting” DMs, The Gamers 2 did it much, much better without making the DM look silly at all- in fact he looked great doing those voices and I wish I’d met such a DM instead of one who makes everyone sound like a sleazy, corrupt and drunken Russian(well, yeah, he was Russian so he couldn’t lose the accent completely) official/mercenary.

          • “I don’t know why, it just seemed weird and disconnected, like they weren’t really familiar with the whole concept of such games.”

            Mind you, in the video, only the character of “Fat Neil” is actually supposed to be a gamer, so it only makes sense that they don’t seem familiar with the concept of RPGs – which to me, makes it funnier for those of us who are.

            • I know(except the DM who must have some knowledge, didn’t he have his own adventure modules?), and maybe that’s it, but even the one(s) who knew about D&D was acting weird. It reminded me more of Mazes and Monsters(hilarious in its own right, but for all the wrong reasons) than The Gamers.
              BTW, I’ve never heard of anyone playing D&D specifically with only the DM rolling dice for everyone and everything. I mean, even if they didn’t know surely Neil would’ve filled them in on it.
              I guess it’s possible, it’s just isn’t very mainstream for D&D(and WoTC wouldn’t like that one bit, what with only one person buying dice and other paraphernalia, they wouldn’t get to extort enough money), and I think it would suck anyway.

              • True, but it does eliminate any possibilty of cheating, so long as you trust the DM to be impartial

                • Oh I love how this worldview implies that players are always cheating (while rolling their dice OPENLY?) and can never be trusted, but all Gamemasters are always impartial and having the GM roll all dice secretly for everyone’s characters is no problem at all.

                  Hey, why not eliminate all dice rolling altogether and let the GM just narrate what happens to my character according to what outcome (s)he likes best, in fact, let’s all go home and the GM can just send us his/her prose story afterwards on what happened, since (s)he already wrote out the story as a novel and having out characters deviate from the rails of the plot would only ruin the nice adventure.

                  In case you wonder, yes, I’ve met such GMs. At least twice.

    • *roll* “you successfully rubbed your balls on the sword” – could also be seen as “you made a new entry to the darwin award”… 😈

      But also “I played Dungeons & Dragons – and it was advanced”. Well, Neill played Dungeons & Dragons, and it was epic!