The Tuesday Videos: Banana! Edition

Just remember, there’s no reason to be intimidated here. Every one of you is special in their own way; besides, the trampoline thing is way overrated anyway.

Now this next one is sort of the classic take on the genre. (Although parts of it kinda look like a before/after commercial for belts.)

By now, I’m sure you’re wondering, “How big is my dick? Is there any way to tell? Will I ever know?” Relax, you know I’m here for you. This last video will answer all your questions.

15 Responses to The Tuesday Videos: Banana! Edition

  1. Well, the 3rd video was nice, informative and to the point. And that’s all I can say about today’s much less interesting/enjoyable than usual videos.

      • I just didn’t understand anything. What were they saying? What were they trying to do? What were they trying to make me feel? I just feel stuck without knowing why and if I’m supposed to laugh/cheer/whatever. I’m guessing they made you and others laugh, but I have no idea why.

            • That’s just it. I know it’s trying to make me laugh because they’re talking about penis, but I just don’t get anything out of it and feel left out, baffled and bored. The last one wasn’t funny either, it was just…informative, I guess. I feel I’m completely missing all three of your Tuesday Video entries today for the first time.
              So instead I’ll watch the Nostalgia Critic talking about gorilla genitalia instead.

                • You should check out the Nostalgia Critic&friends site at if you haven’t yet, it’s from a review he made of Congo.
                  And I think anyone who knows about gorilla genitalia would find his Full Metal Jacket reference hilarious, as he’s probably “too buku” for it even if he’s exactly average.
                  I’ll…stop talking about sex with great apes now. 😳