The Tuesday Blog:

Just a little heads up, the company that hired me for that fairly big project several months ago has contacted me again for another job. This one is much smaller but it’s still gonna throw me off a day. The plan is that I will miss Wednesday (sorry) but then put that comic on Thursday so you guys won’t miss any comics for the week. I’ll let you know if anything changes.

Okay, the first video is all about love and making relationships in a fast paced world full of busy schedules and insane, homicidal supervillains.

Video two is about a viking at the end of his bucket list. Sometimes getting that one last job done isn’t as easy as it ought to be.

Finally, we have what is to me the creepiest video I have ever presented. I make no apologies to anyone who clicks ahead… you have been warned.

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      • Yeah.

        Why can’t animated shorts ever give the protagonist a happy ending? Ever?

        Seriously. It makes me sad, even if the character isn’t real and does not actually have those desires. Especially hard hitting, because, you know. Valhalla sounds like a pretty awesome place. BACON EVERY DAY FOREVER. FOREVER!

  1. Okay, ..

    #1. Promptly stolen and shared with some select lunatics i know and appriciate.

    #2. Nuns…even messing up your afterlife as the ruler across the knuckles at school wasn’t enough.

    #3. That is just wrooooong, man! 😯

  2. #1: and what, if a superheroine starts to date a supervillain? 😈
    #2: that sure is a DM with A LOT of epic fails 😛
    #3: lucky us not belonging to the target group 😕 (I think I’m going to be sick…)

  3. Though poor Bjorn’s fate is amusing, I’m pretty sure that according to Catholic Dogma, you can’t get into ‘gold-ring-over-the-head-land” if you didn’t believe that Jeshua Ben Joseph was the prophesied Messiah, lack of a Viking Funeral or not…

  4. My name is Michael J. CabooseOrald and I hate babies! 👿
    I just forwarded it to the end to see if there was some witty last message I was missing which was the reason Kevin thought it was funny in the first place, and of course there wasn’t. It only filled me with annoyance and rage(I’m not kidding when I say I hate babies, especially gratuitous use of them that I suppose it trying to make people go “aww, how cute!”. I have no problem with puppies or kittens, just human babies, ugly, drooling, vomiting, crapping things that they are). Stupid and, dare I say it? Infantile.

    The viking was fun, but maybe stretched a bit too much with the running gag of unworthy/unlucky opponents, and the “dating service” had a good idea and was funny at times, but could have been better executed.

    • i think the negative reply to a cg babies video is where the funny is found.

      Grammer can suck white tile!