28 Responses to 778 – White Smoke Mountain • 145

  1. Just one undercover agent? Seriously, just one? There’s at least half a dozen candidates!

  2. Pshaw! They won’t see it coming…

    Of course it’s “Bunker”. It’s actually the “evil” Bunker that has replaced the good Bunker, but everybody’s so careless about their alignment that his presence has actually made the team better.

    I mean, it’s right there! Bunker himself tells about his evil paladin clone, the one that forced him to be a Fighter in the first place before the Edition Shift Epic spell/ritual!

  3. Uhm, let us see……….so far we have the undercover dude/dudette as being;

    Zobbie, Bunker, (potensially Violet the half-troll), Martin, hinted at Fleece, sort of Zobbie again, Morty, the inverted Bunker…….

    I nominate Freya cause she is bonking the GM and it was a horrible reason for it and she was not proud of said reason!

    Also, she is one of the few left apart from Enkidu and if it was him it would take a lot of the fun away. :mrgreen:

      • Enkidu probably ate his familiar, one day when he was feeling a bit peckish.
        And afterwards wondered why the rat kept squeeking at him and waving its little paws.
        I mean, Enkidu’s memory is not the best.