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  1. That’s the usual excuse anyway.

    So finally got back into a group, where I don’t have to GM thank Bob, and we’ve been having a grand old time every Sunday. We lost one of our guys though, so in a hiatus game I picked up the GM books and we started playing a Space Marine type of Savage Worlds game. Making it up as we go along. Has anyone here tried this system yet, and if so what do you guys think? I’m rather enjoying it, as far as a nice one shot, not related to our regular game of Dragon Age RPG type of thing.

  2. Tammi wanting to kill him is understandable and predictable, but Arabax going all the way with his “acting” and seeming to enjoy it thoroughly is something unexpected.
    And it’s the return of Erias, probably my favorite character of the comic. 😀

    • It’s a shame there isn’t any honor among megalomaniac evil overlords these days. 🙁 If only they cooperated more they could achieve their evil goals, and there’s more than enough land and subjects for each one of them to subjugate and slaughter, there’s no need to be so greedy.