21 Responses to 776 – White Smoke Mountain • 143

        • Bloody bandages on your face make you look paladiny? 😐

          Maybe if you’re a myopic paladin and tend to ride into low-hanging branches a lot.

            • Hmm… must be a Man vs Woman thing… Bloody bandages just register as a having kicked some ass image for me, while the chissled chin and jaw line with un-scarred face make up the paladin aspects. *shrug*

            • I’ve always wondered why people paid so much attention to Christopher Reeve; thank you for explaining it.

          • Of course they do. Lobotomy is one of the requirements of becoming a paladin. 😉

            Having said that, I still love paladins.

              • No, because at their heart, or at least the heart of the classic concept of a paladin, lies something that I find surprisingly…good.
                I know, I know. I try rubbing it off with daily doses of CE but the tiny stain still endures. 🙁

                • Just continue to do your daily qouta of unspeakable horrors on the world and you’ll be good.


                  “Good” is here used in an abstract way.

  1. You know I get the feeling that Enkidu is just walking around the outside of the whole system. His antics are hysterical though.

  2. For those interested in Filk music, I recently discovered that someone has been very busy uploading classic filk to Youtube in the last year or so – years before the movie, filkers were singing about Apollo 13 for example…cool!

    Anyone here have favorite filk songs?