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  1. What kind of check and what would the DC be for standing in front and through water rushing out of a water-filled room? I’d say a strength check but the DC I’m not sure.

  2. Strength. :mrgreen:

    Though The check for having his eyes gouged out by Freya…con, and with that DM note(Higher than you can roll,) :mrgreen:

  3. Is the DM implying he resents Zobbie’s player for “trying to steal his man(Bunker)”, or am I just reading too much into things?
    I’d ask what is it about him that draws almost everyone in the gaming group, but we already know he’s being played by Dirk Diggler.

        • Yes, but if it weren’t for the asymmetrical nature of the fin shown here it would’ve been hard to gauge the orientation(i.e vertical like fish/horizontal like marine mammals) from the way it’s drawn.
          And I apologize for not using the correct technical term for their fin-analogous organs.
          *Insert here a 5-page lecture about the similarities of marine mammals and fish due to convergent evolution, when Christina returns*

      • What the…I can see why someone would find the “fish smell” joke offensive and vote me down, but a short, informative answer about asymmetrical fins/flukes? 😕

  4. One thing I find confusing in this comic is that the PC part of the party seems to have a congeanial relationship with some NPC, telling them how they rigged the game and such, yet a much more antagonistic one with the DM, who technically would be running their reactions.

    • Nobody told the troll woman(played by the DM) about their cheating, so the DM didn’t know until he realized there was something odd about their anticipation of and easy triumph over every encounter and puzzle, so there’s no conflict between the DM’s two “personalities”.

      BTW, what’s the troll’s name anyway? I can’t bother searching for it.

        • For once the DM is separating between his lust to torture them for their transgressions and is acting in-character with her. As such, Violet is an ally(for now) and not the “antagonist” meant to be overcome like the DM and his adventures. One is an ally, the other is an obstacle.

            • I agree on the point of the DM’s personality seeming to shift around on any given strip between childish imbecile and responsible and calculating adult. I believe there have already been several quarries as to the exact nature of the DM’s psyche, but I recall no real answer. It is my belief that he’s either in the process of growing up, suffers from multiple-personality-disorder or some sort outwardly similar mood-swings, perhaps being manic-depressive, if that could account for such changes.
              Or he’s a very talented actor, pretending to be an idiot in reality and being a cunning manipulator inside the game.

              • A semi-experienced DM/GM is a cracked person, just starting on the path of insanity required to play three different opposed NPCs at once. Once they’re more experienced they either have reconciled the personality splits and motivational splits required to do it without going so nuts OR they have gone even more nuts.

                ,,,At least that’s my experience on the subject. Do we have contradictory experiences?

                • I think The Occupant’s main problem, which I also agree and share, is that the DM has been shown to posses a childish persona which, one would think, would be unable to manage a mature, in-character approach as is the case of Violet.
                  Put in simpler terms- we expect him to be openly and without subtlety mean and hostile even while playing as Violet.

                  • But this GM has subtlety: Note the particulars of how he screwed with “Martin” in the hallucinations of Martin and such.

  5. This and Golden Age is my two favorite D&D style web-comics.
    you got a more updated and screwy story while the other got a bit more comedy with less updates.

    The stories that you both built is what brings me back to your sites. The characters are interesting, yours have double lives within a campaign/players setting while the other seems to play the story straight.

    It helps brings a smile to my face every now and then.

      • OOTS is a comic in a universe where 3.5 D&D rules govern the laws of physics and reality. HOLE is a comic about a D&D group shown completly from the in-universe point of view. Theres a difference.

      • I just found the Darths & Droids webcomic. The comic seems to do the same thing you do with your player/characters.

        It has now become my third favorite web-comic. … I wish there was more movie based on a D&D campaign where you watch some younger actors play an D&D campaign while also watching some older adults actually play their characters. …. sort of like how the Dead Gentleman Productions did their D&D style movies or how “The Princess Bride” did it with an older gent reciting a story to Fred Savage.

      • http://goldenage.comicgenesis.com/
        Link if anybody has trouble tracking it down; it’s slow running generally but has its charm. Darths & Droids has excellent commentary about running and playing RPGs and can be easily found by searching out David Morgan-Mar’s Irregular Webcomic (which is a Lego photo-comic).

        • Yeah, DMM’s comics have long been on my favorite list, and Irregular Webcomic updates daily, so there’s a funny every day of the week! And tons of interesting and informative annotations(though the “sciencier” ones when talking about his field of physics and mathematics are a little hard for me to actually follow).
          I’m anxiously anticipating the transition to the original trilogy on Darths&Droids soon enough, it’s been a long time coming, and we’ll get to have funnies without the pain of dimly remembering the awful sequels.

  6. Dont forget another gaming comic. Its about a D&D group and is rather involved regarding D&D mechanics and clever use of them. Its a fun comic.

  7. Gods, how some of the creatures from D&D are stupids. Make a giant size see leopard if you want something REALLY dangerous !