769 – White Smoke Mountain β€’ 136

Good news, yesterday’s job got done early, so I was able to run home and finish up the comic. This week should suffer no disruptions. πŸ™‚


22 Responses to 769 – White Smoke Mountain β€’ 136

  1. Ah, the Crabs aren’t Conneseurs of Confectionary-loving Cuties…Salt Water Taffy would have stood a better chance!

  2. Oh, thank the gods that’s the soggy chocolate, I thought something completely different before I read the text. 😳

  3. I sense the DM is wanting to move the scene along?
    She found that release vent pretty quickly, or it is one of those defeat the monsters and magically things move forward battles?

        • Interesting. Zobbie seems to have reached the limit to the kind of horseplay the DM will tolerate. Odd, though; he never balked at Enkidu having ‘relations’ with Bunker’s hall-troll wife.
          On which note: Blegh.

  4. Soooo… Zobbie likes manipulating boys. Or is at least ‘good at it’. =_= Hmyeah, I’m even less surprised now that her departure left Bunker a home-bound wreck and that Morty despises her so. I wasn’t too confused before, but the picture is really growing clear, now.