49 Responses to 767 – White Smoke Mountain • 134

  1. Is the power of Suave like the power of Rico Suave to be an annoying jackass with a shitty “music” video?

  2. I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this yet, but can’t she just kill them all the “trident true method”?

      • Well, you don’t tend to become a DM unless you find the D&D rules, and what can be done with them, interesting.

      • It’s like I love campaigns, but hate having to run them sometimes. The campaign exists as this perfect state of potential awesome in my head and in my notes.

        Then I let the players in. It all goes downhill rapidly at that point.

          • Sorry, drawing a blank. No doubt a geek devoted to this God will show up to describe how this exact situation happened in some episode of the comic series no less than two times, or maybe even the brief animated series run.

  3. I knew it was only a matter of time before one of the party got an attack of crabs. I don’t recommend poking them with a fork.

  4. She should have turned into a girl-crab herself and lured them away.

    BTW, where is Zobbie in this strip? I can’t seem to find her anywhere even though the speech bubbles imply she’s there. And where did that mermaid come from, and why is she holding Zobbie’s trident? I’m so confused. 😕