60 Responses to 766 – White Smoke Mountain • 133

  1. I agree with Enkidu. Facepalm. I swear this dungeon is designed to screw with the PC’s. Oh wait…..

  2. After 5 rounds of swimming and 30 seconds, everyone dies of suffocation. No, wait that’s the sadistic DM approach. D&D allows something crazy high like 30 rounds or 3 minutes for most PCs, which seems to err on the side of generosity. Not that this rule gets any attention from most DMs who make water encounters…

    • Under 3.5 rules characters can first hold their breath for a ridiculously long time normally associated with pearl divers, and then it takes CON rounds for them to drown, if I remember correctly. But, hell, they’re HEROES. Compare a high-level character to a 1st level one, and he’s basically a superhero, able to dodge dragon breath, to throw lightning, or to survive the fall off a cliff. (Like the pseudo-Conan title character from the hilarious B-movie Yor, Hunter from the Future, who gets thrown down a precipice while unconscious and not only survives the fall onto the ground with only minor dirt spots on him but awakens some time later really pissed off at having been beaten.)

      Not to mention that in action hero movies, the villain never kills the hero even when he has the chance. He has him beaten and thrown into the dungeon (not a D&D dungeon, but a real cell), or poisoned, or strapped to a death trap and then leaves him alone with a 1st leve l minion.

      In that regard, D&D does not work like a heroic fantasy movie. Especially when you play D&D “old style” in the adversarial way, back when game designers and game masters apparently thought the point of D&D was killing off player characters in unescapable Grimtooth traps or by DM cheating. 🙄 The DM had “won” when he had killed off all the player characters, ending the scenario, while the players had “won” if they used rules loopholes powergaming to survive or plain cheating because heck if the guy who wants to kill you has absolute power you cannot win by playing fair.

  3. Wait, they KNEW they were facing a room full of underwater traps and underwater combat, they even took an extended rest to recover and learn specific spells, yet Morty apparently forgot to pray for Waterbreathing and Freedom of Movement spells??

    Unless you tell me that 4E does not have spells such as Waterbreathing and Freedom of Moment anymore. 😡

  4. Too bad a Decanter of Endless Water cannot work in reverse…
    It’s basically nothing but a portal to the plane of water. And Fleece had found one in Glandiri’s hoard. Although that was one of the previous Fleeces. But I’m certain Martin made sure that she didn’t run off with all those magic items he had given her to carry.

    • Wow. That WOULD be pretty useless right now.

      They don’t have one, but there is a (or was) a Flask of Endless Breath or something to that effect, that was basically just a flask you sucked air out of.