The Tuesday Videos: The On Tuesday Edition

Last week we had some snafus with the scheduling. I had mis-dated some posts, the site was undergoing a server upgrade, (we’re still working the kinks out of that!) and I was completely out of pocket over Valentine’s Day. Thus far, I am happy to report, things seem to be back on track. I hope you guys are all doing as well!

The first video is pretty much exclusively for fans of Dexter. (Sorry!) Lena and I love this show and have been watching it on the iTunes. This clip could pretty much be a season summary… of most any season. LOL!

The next video takes comedic and marketing advantage of a little known loophole in the Japanese psyche. Namely, the inability of the Japanese brain to deal rationally with Spongebob Squarepants.

Finally, this last video is for those of you who think I only post religious videos to make fun of believers. Now you can see for yourselves that it’s possible to be a christian, a Pokemon geek, AND seriously cool.

21 Responses to The Tuesday Videos: The On Tuesday Edition

    • The embed was something screwy with the clip, but I found another one and stuck that one in instead.

      The web monkey knows about the edit problem, she’s just kinda busy doing server transfers. She will get around to it. Until then, might I suggest reading what you write before you hit “Submit”?

  1. Dexter poses a bad example to people and poisons their minds. I mean, what do young, aspiring serial-killers such as myself learn from such a show? That it’s so easy to clean up a bloody crime-scene just because you’re the hero, but when anyone else does it you or your team spots it immediately? That despite mounting suspicions and having yourself connected with every murder that everyone will stay dumb and unaware, and ignore(and even suppress) the one guy each season in the station who starts raising questions?
    That’s is a piece of cake to subdue people quickly and silently, set up a whole room to murder them and then dispose of their dismembered bodies? That luck will always be on your side even when you do mess up?
    Dexter poses as a perfect killer, almost flawless in execution and with luck on his side whenever he makes a rare mistake.
    With such a too-perfect example it’s only time until a young and naive murderer is caught and his life ruined after believing such lies.
    Also, something about lying to your friends and loved-ones, and I think killing people is supposed to be bad as well.

    I’ve always wondered where the reproductive organs of an animated sponge were, and after seeing those kids happily sucking their beverages through the “straw” I’m sorry I found out.

    3rd video was mildly amusing, mostly for connecting both themes and the lyrics themselves were good, but he’s a horrible singer.
    And I do believe you’ve forgotten mentioning Final Fantasy in the last video, as I’m quite sure(never played any of them myself) that the end score during the credits and fight is a FF battle theme.

  2. I really do enjoy the Dexter series…. but for someone who spent a whole season saying ‘I have no emotions,’ he sure does seem to turn either emo or 12 year year old girl at the drop of a hat.
    Plus the ability to teleport between his office, house, kill sight and the middle of the ocean makes it a little difficult for me to suspend my disbelief enough to allow for things like his Detective sister wouldn’t have caught that he’s a killer…. and various other gaping plot holes. Maybe like out of ALL of the Narcotics Anonymous sponsors, he found the one that was also a killer… then has an affair while saying that sex is a bother and not something he enjoys.
    Despite all of that, the serious has potential… I just wish it would life up to it.

    • Besides, why does he even do all those killings? What does he get from it? Why is he so compelled to risk getting caught/killed doing it?
      -Obviously it’s not a sexual thing as he seems perfectly capable and happy in bed without it(like you said, he complains about sex but seems to really enjoy it nonetheless), and he has never shown any aggression or even kinky stuff like strangling in his lovemaking(unlike his brother’s MO).
      -It’s not something God(or the neighbor’s dog…which he killed as a kid, IIRC) tells him to do, nor a part of some grand scheme of a better-tomorrow he is setting out to fulfill. Targeting only murderers is something his father made him do so he’ll be audience-friendly enough and not be pulled off the air, and it’s shown he only really does it for those reasons.
      -It could be control, as he wraps his victims and gives a little speech, but there’s no evidence of his need for control in any other aspect of his life, as there should be. And besides, it looks like his practical solution to keeping his victims in place.
      -It’s not for comfort/profit, as he seems to be wealthy despite working as a police lab guy(and with all his free roaming/killing time it’s a wonder he gets anything done at all), which I doubt pays that well in real life.
      -That leaves only thrill-killing, but he at best acts mildly amused when killing, and it’s mostly because it’s usually the season’s big villain whom he’s been chasing for a long time. He doesn’t look that thrilled, or even angry, when he ritualistically murders his victims. One quick stab straight to the heart, practically trying his best to kill as fast as possible. Yeah, I bet he gets real kicks out of it and releases all his pent up rage too, or he would if he’d have stabbed them a few dozen times like real “passion” killers do.
      No. All this rage, lust for murder etc that he keeps telling us about sums up with a quick, clean jab at the heart.

      I admit I’m no psychologist/criminologist, but he just seems too mechanical in his execution and lacks real enjoyment in his kills, while showing far greater enjoyment and love to whatever normal people are supposedly doing all the time, like family and stuff.

  3. My brain is not yet in the …reading mode, so didn’t watch the first one as there was no big button to click.
    Never got into Dexter either.

    I love the enthusiasm the Japanese have. American children almost seem lame in comparison… or maybe our McD’s commercials are just lame and boring. Did you know Jap McD’s serve steaks and perform Weddings?

    About that last video… had to turn it off 5 seconds in, my brain was starting to bleed. Funny… but painful as well.

  4. Any Sufficiently Advanced Kid Show is indistinguishable from a shamelesss toy marketing scheme.

    Though the thought of sealing overzealous Proselytizers inside little balls and then never saying “I choose you” but just stuffing them in the bottom of my sock drawer has a certain appeal…