The Tuesday Videos: A Starry Trek Night Edition

While the original Star Trek was of course perfect in all things, some of the things it was perfect at were pretty questionable. I remember wondering why the men and the women didn’t wear the same uniforms when I was five. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one. (Though by nine, I had figured it out.)

I don’t really have an explanation for this next one, other than to say that if you have ecstasy on hand, now would be the time. Data-SMIRK!

Finally, is How Star Trek Should’ve Ended. (I have played these vids before, just not this one in particular.) Not meant to reignite any debates… though I’m sure it will.

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  1. I dunno if that’s true, but a friend, who was a great fan of star trek, told me why there was that uniforms difference.

    According to her, at least in the beginning, Star Trek was really, really short on money. So, while rodenberry originally wanted men and women to have the same uniforms, they cut (among others) expenses on clothes. So they all ended up with tight-fitting ones, the women being in skirts while men’s trousers and tshirt were really short on the legs and arms.

    Worse thing is, she told me that the cloth was of really bad quality so, as the show went on, clothes endured badly in the washing machine, becoming shorter and shorter with every wash.

    I don’t know if that’s true, although I usually trust her on matters of star trek trivia but, anyway, I think this makes for an awesome explanation 😀

    • Maybe the shrunk in the wash thing. But the saving money by using a inch less material is nonsense. Leaving off an inch from the trousers hem won’t change the fact you need x meters of material to make an outfit, since you already don’t use every square inch of material when you cut the pieces into shape. The real cost is not in the material, it’s in the tailor’s work, unless you own a sweatshop.

      And the reason why women wore miniskirts in the 1960s was that back in those days miniskirts were a sign of female emancipation. Why do you think so many women wore those? Freedom back then meant no longer being forced to cover your arms and legs, or to wear a bra or a corset.

  2. Well it seems entirely plausible to me that if you don’t know “when” and “where” you’ll get, the answers can be “a long time ago” and “in a galaxy far far away” ; )

  3. 1. :mrgreen: <– a little smiling green man in case it wasn't obvious.
    2. Now where did i put those mushrooms…?
    3. I laughed to the point of hernia at the ending. Thank you so very much, Kevin!

  4. Huh, I thought that you had linked to the first one before, but it turns out that I had seen it following links seen in one of your earlier posts:

    The second one, because of the preview image, I thought that it was just going to be the Doctor and Data dancing, and was going to pass on it. That sequence is pretty trippy as it is. I would also think that acid is more the kind of thing that is required, but then I suppose that is what the producers were on when they made the film.

    Third one: I have seen a variety of their productions, this one was a little disappointing. The ones that I have seen so far were about solving the issues that were caused in a more creative way, that one seemed to be just poking holes – if you will excuse the pun.

  5. Vader is clearly violating established imperial procedure there…unexplained ships should be grabbed in a tractor beam easily disabled by half senile old hermits and allowed to escape after being shot at by an army of awful shots who couldn’t hit the broad side of a bantha….

    • Only if you’re a named main character.

      If you’re a jawa, or a moisture farmer, or a rebel trooper on-board a counselor ship, then they can shoot just fine.

      • Yeah, it’s really unfair to the empire’s troops. Obviously they’re shooting just fine, but all the main characters are wearing some sort of hidden personal shield that deflects and/or absorbs incoming shots. To show just how superb shooters they are, they’ve actually managed to hit some of the main characters, notably during the fight on that shield-generator moon in RoTJ despite their shielding(Luke getting easily hit in the hand on-board Jabba’s floaty-boat-thingy was a result of his shield being taken away when he was captured).
        Either that or Lucas is a cheap story-teller, and we all know that can’t be true. 🙄

          • It would be interesting to figure (assuming stormtroopers had at least as good aim as average American army grunts who were NOT genetically engineered warriors) what the actual odds were of Luke just standing in the hanger bay while troopers fired at him from all sides, never once having a single shot get even close enough to singe him. I’m betting they’re pretty long.

            • I would think their accuracy rate would climb dramatically if they unfolded the stocks on their weapons and actually fired them braced at the shoulder and used the scope/sights.

  6. Actually, in the canon books the Fett clones were not only discontinued, but hunted down and ostracized. I don’t recall reading any good explanation of why though. But it does explain why the troopers of Luke’s time were such terrible shots compared to the clones in Episode 2. Frankly, I wish Lucas had never made the last 3 movies. He butchered his own world mythos even further than he already had and we all knew how it was going to turn out anyways!