The Tuesday Videos:

This first is a little unusual for we here at HOLE, since in essence it is really little more than a football player running across a field and kicking a ball. Still, I feel like there might be something special here.

Vid number two explains how bearskin rugs really got made in the Old West, as well as demonstrating the creepification of making realistic looking cartoon characters, and what inevitably befalls them.

So, you think you’re pretty cool, and so do I… but is that how others see you? Unfortunately we cannot always control the people who are projecting our public image, such as in this horribly tragic example.

34 Responses to The Tuesday Videos:

  1. 1st was great. Truly shows what can be achieved with a good cooperation.

    2nd was hilarious, but the music at the end was way out of place and. Also, I don’t think that’s how you shoot with a double-barrel shotgun, not unless you want it to slam into your face.

    3rd was…Creepy. Is it a special town for germophobes? They can’t be that clean! It’s some sort of governmental conspiracy! 😮

      • The music is surprisingly catchy.

        As a biologist, I thoroughly approve of the message. Although I think it’s missing a vital part about how idiotic people who refuse to have their brood of snot-nosed kids vaccinated against childhood diseases like measles and polio should be shot, and their children also, and their carcasses burned, for the protection of everyone else… especially for the protection of pregnant mothers and their unborn children, people with compromised immune systems such as organ transplant receivers, and people with autoimmune diseases who need to take immuno-suppressant medication (like me). It’s public self-defense.

        No, I’m kidding about the shooting part… instead those walking disease vectors should be herded away from the rest of us and then infected with polio and other diseases that once upon a time (only some decades ago, ask your grandparents) were feared for good reason. (Smallpox, anyone?) Of course, these dumbasses probably have antibodies against poliomyelitis because THEIR parents had them vaccinated after birth. But they must be forced to watch as their children suffer from paralysis and infantile cerebral palsy. 👿

        • You’re just plain wrong there. Why shoot them first and waste good ammunition? The same fire that will consume their bodies will do the trick of extinguishing their worthless lives too.
          And most other people would pay good money to watch. 😉

  2. First vid was awesome, I used to march and we never got to do anything as cool as that.

    Now I never saw the movie… but arn’t parodys supposed to be funny?

    I wash my ass does that make me a WashMyAssIngton?

  3. Uh oh, don’t let your children see that Yogi Bear parody…

    If you had told someone 15 years ago that this kind of movie-grade CGI graphics would be within the grasp of “ordinary” indie filmmakers in the future, rendered on a normal computer they’d probably not have believed you.

        • More like whatever model Summer Glau was, as she’s closer to my height and build*(she’s actually a bit taller, about 2″ taller). If we’re talking about working for Skynet, I kinda liked the job that guy who showed the terminators how to torture people had.

          Err, I mean, of course I’ll join and help the resistance! Go humanity, yeah! 🙄

          *And hotness level, even if she’s slightly lacking** compared to me.
          **Oh, who am I kidding?! Marry me, Summer!!!

  4. 1) I can’t help but wish that ending happened to regular football players.

    2) I couldn’t stop laughing. DRAMADRAMADRAMADRAMADRAMADRAMA!

    3) The department of health brought that. I am really surprised. I figured the board of tourism got ahold of some minor statistic saying Washingtonians were a little cleaner than average and ran with it, or something. But nope: board of health. Seriously? Why would they make that?

    • With all the blood squirting from Yogi’s shattered skull, not to mention the mess of skinning his carcass, I think he’ll need to wash up more than his paws.
      That’s why, while stabbing, slashing, hacking and shooting are fun, I prefer cleaner deaths. I just hate cleaning afterward, not to mention it’s all considered evidence nowadays.

  5. I’m always impressed when marching bands can put on that kind of show. It takes a lot of practice to be that in sync, and they were actually a little off compared to some of the stuff I’ve seen on the net.

    The second one reminded me of Jesse James’s death. I think that’s what he was going for. It made me laugh, but was also kinda sad, the look in Boo Boo’s eyes as he got ready to kill his best friend.

    And three doesn’t surprise me at all. I live in Oregon, and those damn Washingtonians are weird bastards. They can’t drive for shit either. But hey, neither can Oregonians. I’m just glad I got taught to drive by a Californian, my Dad. Fast and aggressive is the way to go!

    • I saw a Japanese one a couple of days ago that was pretty amazing. Running forwards and backwards through phalanxes of each other. Pretty amazing.

      It was Jesse James, yes. Except for the rug.

      • No way man, they totally made Jesse James into a rug. It’s still around too. I hear it’s considered bad luck to wipe your feet on him though.