The Thursday Blog: Hands Off Edition

W.T. White High School: Northwest Dallas

Martin Guerrero (age 17) was in art class, but it’s a fair bet he wasn’t paying much attention to his paper-mâché. When his teacher (we don’t have her name so instead I’m going to call her Nobra McBoobs) noticed him staring off into space, she attempted to get his attention in order to focus him back on the task at hand. Turns out, not only did Martin already have the task well in hand, but he was was about as focussed as he was going to get. When Nobra did finally manage to break his reverie, Martin turned to her and pulled his shirt up that she might better witness him in all his priapic glory, as he pleasured himself to thoughts of naked, dancing art teachers.

Miss McBoobs attempted to stop Martin from accomplishing his task, but reckoned without the young man’s sense of commitment, and was unable to sway him from his course. (Again, we do not know exactly how Nobra tried to stop him, but if I had been writing the story, she would have offered to help.) At this point Martin picked up the pace a bit and began moaning, “aye mami” (“yes mommy”… more or less) to himself, casting doubt on both the appropriateness of Martin’s home relationships and the relative hotness of Miss Nobra McBoobs. Here Nobra decided she was in a bit over her head and lit off out of the classroom to go find the school cop. When she and the “officer” returned, Martin was arrested and dragged off to jail. Also not included in any accounts was whether Martin was able to finish before the high school cop arrived. I like to think he did.

As of last week Martin was being held in the Dallas County Jail on the felony charge of Indecency With a Child with a $5,000 bail, where he can assumably jerk off all he likes. The child in the charge would be all of Martin’s classmates who saw him and were doubtlessly scarred for life. Several students who obviously had never seen themselves naked, and may or may not have been jockeying for a better look, told Miss McBoobs that the whole ordeal “was very scary”.

Our fake prayers go out to them all.

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  1. According to sources I looked up in searching about this Martin guy(who’s also ugly, so that’s another, separate crime), the class had students ranging in age from 14 to 17. I don’t really get the reason why different age groups get to mingle in one class. Yep, that’s about the only weird thing I get from this story.
    Also, I really don’t understand why the authorities punish “sex offenders” like these. The laws are truly disconnected and unrelated to reality.

    • Having grown up in West Texas, there are some specialty schools set up that mix ages in 1 classroom. Usually, these are either schools in rural communities where there’s only a few kids, or the violent/crazy/deadbeat kids that got thrown out of all the ‘regular’ schools.
      In this case, I’d be willing to bet on the later.
      My brother worked for a while in a school set up for the CAPS program… may have been CAAPS… I don’t know what it stood for, but they had the ‘troubled youths’ in one building and the kids that had failed out of school and were working on getting a G.E.D. in the other building. My brother, being former Military Police was working in the ‘troubled youths’ group. He has some interesting stories.

      • That site I discovered and linked to up there also has some interesting stories, though some are a bit disturbing. And by that I mean probably very disturbing for most people, but even I found that one way over the top.

    • In many American high schools, Art is an elective class and the student can take said class whenever he or she wants to during their high school career (provided any pre-requisites are met). Also, the population of the school, popularity of the elective, or availability of a teacher qualified to teach the material all might make it impractical to have age/grade segregated classes on any particular subject. In other words, it’s really not all that strange to have 14-17 year olds all in the same class, especially for something like Art.

      • I refer you to the statement “Again, we do not know exactly how Nobra tried to stop him” and so would humbly suggest that in the porn version of this, he does. Although, it’s probable in that version the cop joins in…

        OK, I’m going to stop now.

        • And in the pedo-friendly version the rest of the class joins in too!

          Though why 14 y-o teenagers are considered the same as 5 y-o kids for this is beyond me.
          Have I mentioned how much I disagree with current laws about sexual and criminal responsibility in such “young adults” today? 😉

            • I had this big reply all written up already…But I scrapped it. I’ve had too many jabs from Kevin for one day.
              A pity though, it was about that one time I chanced to talk with a self-confessed young pedophile on a dating site.
              I never realized until then how cute those boyscout uniforms were.
              HE was the one dressed in them, not kids! 😳

              Well, make that “half-dressed”. 😉

  2. OK, the “Indecency with a Child” charge is stupid. The other teenagers have probably surfed the web for porn at their age. Isn’t there a suitable law for indecently exposing yourself in public (implying masturbating in public)?

    May they shouldn’t have sent him to jail but to a psychiatrist. If he had been two years old, his behaviour would have been excusable, but in a seventeen year old? Not only does he jerk off in public, but he can’t or won’t stop even if told to? Either he’s a jerk (pardon the pun) or something else is seriously wrong. For this age and culture. I mean, his behaviour would have been considered perfectly normal by the ancient Norsemenm who according to historical sources did have sex in public with their female slaves, and no-one cared.

    From the story, I estimate that in 5 years time this guy will hang around in parks, wearing only a raincoat, and jumping out at lone women while exposing himself.

    • It does seem likely.

      America’s very first indecency law was the result of some damn pilgrim “stroaking his yard” in front of the church as it let out on a Sunday morning. While I’m theoretically in favor of liberalizing indecency laws, (some of my favorite fantasies play out along just these lines) realistically I don’t see it inside the next three to four hundred years… and that’s only if the “Public Sex With My Female Slave” lobby started campaigning today. Other than that, I think I may have to utilize my fall-back plan of taking donations to buy an island where the only laws are about hurting and stealing, and pretty much everything else goes. Anyone who donates gets to vacation there for free.

      Who’s in?

      • You could always just take over Molossia, if you don’t mind living in the desert that is.

        While “indecent exposure in public” might make you think of your sick fantasies regarding sex female slaves(and I’m assuming it’s more of an outdoors/public place fantasy rather than “with people watching us” kind of fantasy), I’ve been exposed to way too much of my late father’s bloated body in his later years as he was going about his daily routines stark naked(only inside the apartment, of course, as he was a hypocrite who wouldn’t acknowledge his despicable behavior). Having experienced such traumatizing ugliness I’m not sure I’d be happy about a creepy guy flashing himself or jerking off in public. In fact my thoughts will probably turn to violence. Err, more than usual.

        I do find sexual tendencies, fetishes and fantasies to be scientifically fascinating like other crazy human behavior. It makes me wonder where it all comes from, why people do what they do. Maybe I’ll eventually understand the average person’s set of mind. Of course, understanding/knowing is one thing, empathizing or feeling it is another. 😉

        • You sure do go to a lot of trouble to point out to all of how “different” you believe you are. It’s kind of funny from my perspective, since I’ve known so many people your approximate age who were exactly the same. (And been one.)

          Sociologically I believe this springs from the impulse to challenge the alpha for the right to mate, and failing that to strike out on your own and create your own tribe. In our society this impulse expresses itself as a desire to be seen as “different” or unique, rebelling against the status quo, which is patterned as the authority/father/alpha.

          You’re a lot more normal than you realize.

            • Why, Gary, I do believe it is a form of patronization, of Kevin’s inner alpha-male trying to assert dominance over a youngster(hey, I’m 26 already, I know you’re OLD but how long are we gonna keep this up? 😛 ) such as myself. Unfortunately for him, he’s not really getting the point of my words and has thus far failed to connect the dots.
              This is most probably the result of him seeing what he wants to see and being blinded by the clouds of nostalgia to his own ancient, far away youth(you’re what, in your 40’s? LOL, some old fart you turned up to be 🙄 ), imagining I’m just like him while ignoring the vast differences in cultures and upbringing between the two of us, not to mention other differences caused by genetics.

              • The similarities are species specific, (well, social mammalian, to be inclusive) and have little to do with genetics or culture. But mostly I just enjoy poking you in the ribs.

                • So you’re saying every human is the same just because they’re humans? Sure, there’s more in common than different, but that’s hardly saying much in a complex organism like a human.
                  Culture brings a lot of variation into it, and genetics as well(the later is more evident with really crazy people, but still). I think that’s the reason for failure of the “west” to understand and confront fucked up people like extremist Muslims. Frankly I think anyone who truly believe that if he’ll accept everyone and be nice then everyone else will adopt his open approach and love him too deserves the ass whupping he’ll eventually get, but I digress.

                  I know you’re trying to poke fun, like some kind of stand-up comedian making fun of his audience, and that’s why I tolerate it. It’s just that I can’t help but feel you really don’t understand me sometimes.

                  Never mind, I’m just in another irritable mood today, that’s why I bother with such posts in the first place, as a vent to my steam.

          • Not exactly, but I can see why you’re saying it, and I admit that the way I try to put it is quite silly(I have a weakness for hamminess), but it’s probably better than the alternative of just saying exactly what I think and feel and giving straight answers. I’ve tried that, people don’t like it(because human society seems to revolve around lies, deceit and hypocrisy) and it gets me into even more trouble than usual.
            There are some forms of normal behavior I don’t fully understand, or to be more precise I might understand in an intellectual level but I just don’t truly “get it” or feel that way. To be frank, I’d diagnose myself with some social disorders, but overall I am a normal person, or act like one(and most of what we know of others is by how they act outwardly anyway, lots of crazies out there but they’re hiding it well, maybe most of us are a little funny in the head and some are just hiding it better than others).

            Lets put it this way- despite what you may believe is my juvenile attempt at asserting some kind of dominance, and failing that, asserting how different I am, it’s more like a form of confession. I really wish we had this thing with priests taking your confession like you have with Christianity, it could really get some things off my chest.
            I feel that you’re reading everything I say the wrong way and arriving at the wrong conclusions possibly based on your own life experience(I believe you admitted to being “like me” when you were younger, I highly doubt that).
            It still surprises me that with all the stupid things I keep saying that people still keep missing the point and assume silly things like you said and not what it’s really all about. I do try to keep my “mouth” shut but like I said, I’m probably seeking the release of confession. For example, this whole reply is a stupid thing to do, but I can’t help it, and hell, what’s gonna happen anyway, you’ll think I’m even more pretentious and silly than before?

            • That’s pretty much what I’d have said if someone had told me the things I told you. Let me be straight with you here though. I don’t expect you to believe anything I say, or learn anything. You are much too smart to learn anything from someone like me. Later on you will get stupid again and realize that you will never meet another human being who doesn’t have something to teach you worth learning, but that won’t happen for a good long while.

              No, my motivation here is entirely to amuse myself by watching ideas that might be of use to you instead bounce off of your impervious intellect. “The arrogance of youth” is largely the belief that they are the first ones to have their issues or think their thoughts. We are all of us much more closely related that you will be able to currently believe. My amusement further stems from my confidence that years (perhaps decades) from now, you will happen to drift across these conversations in your mind, and think “Goddammit! He was right all along. I hate that!” Or more likely, by then you’ll simply think it’s funny too.

              I know you are not overly perturbed, because you are still here, and as long as I am conversing with you, you are the center of attention. But that’s okay. I don’t mind that you want to hang out and chat, or that you feel a need to unburden here. Displaying yourself like you do is an affirmation when it fails to repulse your peers, and as much as you wish to deny it, what everybody really wants is to belong somewhere.

              • What I don’t get is where you get that “arrogance of youth” and “I’m the first one to have to have these issues” from. That’s what I’m talking about when I say you’re assuming things about my thoughts, among other assumptions. It just seems like “arrogance of middle age” coming from you.

                You’re also assuming that I’m dissing what I think of as the average person(and lets face it, I’m smarter than average, that’s not avarice, that’s a fact, and damn the average person sucks, and we all know it) because I think of myself as some perfect genius who has figured everything out already. Again, you’re inventing stuff you think have something to do with me because of your own past experiences.

                One thing I think you’re misunderstanding is my humor, but that’s nothing new, lots of people don’t get my humor or confuse my joking and serious moments, especially when I use black humor. I cancel a lot of posts here just because of that, because I know you won’t get it.
                And my issues and thoughts are nothing new, I can read all about them on the internet, but what I read doesn’t exactly comfort me.
                Oh, and you’ve yet to see me truly display myself. Boy, if you thought this was as crazy as I get… 🙄

                Note to self: They don’t understand your jokes, so why do you keep trying?

                • If we “don’t get it” then it’s not because we’re stupid but because you forgot the first rule of the internet: No-one is clairvoyant, and it’s hard to distinguish from a typed text if the writer is being serious or sarcastic. That’s why emoticons were invented.

        • I mentioned “female slaves”, because that’s what they were. The Norsemen didn’t have sex in public with their wife/wives. The wife was pretty much the owner of the household, as she carried the keys, governed the servants, managed the books (because the men were too often drunk to be trusted with money), and commanded respect.

    • In the charge of “indecency with a child,” he could be the “child” being refereed to. CXonvoluted, yes, but we are dealing with Texas State legislations.

      • Lena,
        There seems to be some sort of problem with comment edit.The “Click to Edit button simply grays out the display (Firefox under Ubuntu).

  3. Okay, I figured out a way to let you edit or even delete your posts if you are logged in, but I haven’t sussed out a way to do it if you aren’t. I’m still looking though. 🙂

    Yeah… Lena tried to empower me to do this on my own, but it looks like I really need her. Sorry, this will eventually get fixed.

  4. Time for the news- I’ve read Obama has threatened the USA might intervene, possibly militarily, in evil, evil massacre in Libya…And also, incidentally, Oh, I don’t know, maybe install some puppet government so the spiceoil could flow once more?
    Don’t you just LOVE this Nobel Peace Prize winning president? Truly he is the very definition of justice and has earned himself a second Peace Prize. 🙂

    • *tries to hand back your very, very sharp axe*
      You can stop grinding already man, really, you’re just taking away from its lifespan if you keep going!

      • Oh, come on, man! Peace in our lifetime…Yes, we can…But don’t fucking mess with our oil supply! 😆
        Now we know why he wanted the troops out of Iraq so fast, so he could occupy and “liberate” an even bigger oil stack.

    • (singing) But don’t take it out in public, or they will stick you in the dock, and you won’t…come….back!