The Thursday Blog: Fight Like a Man Edition

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Last week was truly the last week for Jose Luis Ochoa, who was fatally stabbed in the leg by a cock.

Jose was at a fighting event in Tulare County, California, where the participants tie blades to their cocks and have them fight each other until one man’s cock is unable to continue. During the deadly fight, in which he was merely a spectator, Jose was accidentally slashed by a cock in the calf, severing an important (to Jose, anyway) blood vessel. County Sheriff’s officers had caught wind of the illegal event and very soon after the accident came crashing through the doors, sending participants and observers alike scurrying. Unfortunately for Jose, he escaped the officers and bled out from his cock-wound later that evening.

While it is rare that a man will be killed by a cock, it is hardly unheard of. Just last month a man in India was killed when he was slashed across the throat by a poorly controlled cock. Although the fighting events themselves are illegal, California has seen a steady incline as the state has failed to keep pace with the harsher legal penalties of it’s neighbors, and cocksmen have migrated there. As an example, Jose himself — a frequent participant in the ring — was fined $370 last year. A single betting pot in a smallish fight can reach $10,000. The rewards for risking your cock in combat far outweigh the legal penalties.

Of course the worst abuses happen not to the spectators, but to the cocks themselves, which are often injected with steroids and antibiotics to make them bigger and stronger for fighting. Police often target these rings as an opportunity to collect other criminals, as a man who would willingly place his own cock into this type of maltreatment is often already someone the law is interested in for other reasons.

Remember friends, cocks are dangerous, and everyone needs to know it. If you see a cock, call the authorities immediately. Never try to handle a cock by yourself, unless you have been properly trained and certified.

Just doing my part.

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  1. I am so glad I am hornied out from hanging with my half boyfriend otherwise this would of driven me into a frenzy. And not a good frenzy. Like a sex crazed frenzy. I don’t know why that kinds turns me on.

    • That’s nothing! I believe it was in South Africa that a “rape-prevention” device was invented that slices off the tip of the assailant’s cock. Damn, they’re putting blades everywhere these days!

    • If these people are attaching blades to cocks, they really need to get a grip on their cocks.
      And what was a cock doing in the calf? And why was a calf involved in a cock fight? I mean, a calf with a bladed cock would be impressive, but is it allowable according to the rules of the cock fight?
      Wouldn’t a calf cock with a blade be…noticeable? How did it get close enough to slash a cock watcher? All cock watchers should use protection and have a cock blocker ready to stop any such interactions.
      Are there limits to the blade size? You wouldn’t want to give a fighter an unfair advantage by using an illegal cock extender. And since blades are attached to each side of the cock, they can attack from many angles. I bet a switch hitting cock is popular.

      So…, was this a switching hitting, extended calf cock that slashed that cock watcher? That cock should have been well sheathed for protection. 😀

  2. Forget about the cocks for a minute…

    ‘once the comic is done’

    Are we coming to the end of HoLE? With a post about the problem with illegal cock rings?

    • Well THIS isn’t the last one, but I’ve been mentioning the comic coming to an end for awhile. Honestly I’m pretty proud that I will have gotten to tell a story and properly finish it, unlike so many other extremely worthwhile efforts out there.

      • Agree there is something to be said for telling the complete story.

        Would prefer to just find out here than to be on a mailing list though. Aside from anything else it’d probably just get eaten up by my spam filter.

        Is there likely to be a big gap?

      • It seems a bit… abrupt. Right now the only ending I can see is that they confront the villain, and promptly all get killed.

        • …And the DM never had sex again ever after.

          I’m guessing it’s still several months before it ends, but Kevin’s just giving us the heads-up.

  3. I can’t even tell you the number of cock fights I have been in and some of them have had “birds” there too .

  4. Kevin, could I guess that you have plenty of experience in handling cocks?

    Possibly even birds too…

    Anyway, about the opt-in thing. Putting my Internet marketing hat on, people only opt in to things when there is a clear reason to do so. To be honest, I visit this site pretty much every week-day, and I would have thought that if you had any updates about what you were doing you would put them on the site.

    If that is the case, what do we get from opting in?

    -I assume that you will inform us when the comic is over (Unless the ending of the story is really just a cliffhanger about how the party druid has been captured by an unknown group of Popeye inspired people), and what you will be doing after that?

    • LOL, no, it’ll be a proper ending. This has been my baby for way too long for me to leave it on such a weak sauce note.

      After the comic proper is done, I’ll continue writing blogs and those will certainly contain updates on my projects, however I’m guessing that a significant percentage are not going to stick around just for that. My plan at the moment is to write books and make T-shirt art, and whatever else tickles my fancy. Any time I do something I think might have a more popular appeal, I thought I’d let folks know. I know that opt-in gathers WAY fewer numbers than other methods, but it’s the only way for me.

      While I have no breadth of knowledge handling cocks, I do have significant depth. Lena is the only one of us to have picked up a chicken though.

      • Huh, so once you have done with the comic of “HOLE comic”, does that mean you will just be “A HOLE”?


  5. Yay, I was hoping for an “animal cruelty&games” post soon since last week, when I discovered fun things like Goose Pulling(still carried out these days, only with dead geese) and Fox Tossing, and more appropriately, Cock Throwing(not as awesome as it sounds). I won’t link to the relevant Wiki’ pages so I won’t get blocked, but you can just search those.
    People might say it’s another example of the unique human cruelty, but dolphins have probably been doing this longer than we’ve been homo-sapiens.

    Of course it’s not always all fun and games, sometimes there’s a higher, benevolent purpose behind it, like…hygiene! Behold the best pet-related invention ever, the Cat Spa! I’m totally buying a dozen of these, and I don’t even own a cat! Like a comment mentioned, those would be great on kids as well…As long as the glass is strong and thick enough. 😆

  6. [My first thought on reading the blog:]

    KEVIN! Bite your tongue… wait a minute, with it that far into your cheek, how have you avoided doing so?

  7. A little bit of news regarding Egypt: According to some American-Arabic TV network or whatever, “Egyptian military sources told demonstrators that tonight there will be an announcement which will make them happy”(roughly translated from an “Israeli”* news site).
    Now, the “Israeli” news site claims that means Mubarak will be officially stepping down, but given how much they’re trying to not show us the militant Islamic factions behind a big chunk of the protesters and selling us crap about how Egypt will become a new, peaceful utopia, I’ve deducted that they’re gonna declare war on Israel, at long last. That the army is the one about to make this mysterious announcement only further supports my crackpot theory.
    Personally I hope they do, and lay waste to the whole Tel-Aviv area, it’d be so much fun. :mrgreen:

    *More like anti-Israeli, but I should learn to accept my not-so-new auto-antisemitic media-overlords.

    • War on Israel would be bad. The US is obligated to back Israel in times of conflict. This would just mean more US soldiers would have to fight “who has the largest cock – fights”.

      But seriously… not cool.

      • Don’t forget others might get involved and it could deteriorate to WWIII, if we’re lucky! :mrgreen:
        Oh, I mean it will be very sad, yes, very sad indeed. I’ll be crying. 😥
        Eh, who am I kidding? Did you really mean this nonsense about “US soldiers would have to fight”? I mean, where and when did the US go to war on Israel’s behalf, or send troops to help it? I think you’re confusing “military-aid”, which really only means equipment in this case, with actual soldiers. If anything, Israel and its lovely neighbors have been fighting wars partly encouraged and very much supported by the cold-war blocks, with Israel being NATO’s representative of course.
        Sure, there’s this supposed half-promise that if shit really hit the fan then the US might deign to interfere directly, but so far it hasn’t, and apart from the initial phase of the Yom Kippur War hasn’t had an excuse to(not that they sent any troops back then).

        Obama meanwhile is smelling roses and probably seeing McDonalds opening up everywhere, gay-pride parades in the main streets, freedom of speech and seperation of God and state, or something. I believe his words are something like “we’re seeing history in the making”, assuming the media here translated it right(they’re apparently not that good at English…nor Hebrew for that matter). LOL, what a comedian!

          • Eh, like I said, it’s equipment. The technicians are mostly there to familiarize everyone and as advisers and temporary operators(and, of course, so they could use their presence for their own nefarious purposes).

        • ETA: Of course, with the current regime signaling weakness and trying to pacify its enemies with soft words, abandoning one of their greatest allies in the Arab/Muslim world(admittedly corrupt, tyrannical and not especially Israel-loving as he is, but he’s, like, the moderate kind of dictator around these parts, and that really says something about the rest of them) and being an all-around delusional sissy, even this vague promise of help from the USA should the worst happen aren’t very comforting.
          You know, it might raise the taxes or something.

          And just to clarify, I don’t really think they’re gonna announce a war on anybody, it was a joke. That’s one the worst things they can do to win the people’s favor right now and I’m guessing even they understand it.