25 Responses to 765 – White Smoke Mountain • 132

  1. It’s nice to see the party taking care to oil and clean their weapons for a change. Because that’s what she’s doing, right? RIGHT?! 😯

    Enkidu: I’ll be in my bunk.

      • Well duh, she, like, cleaned and oiled the blade first, being the most susceptible part to humidity and dirt(which, oddly enough, make up the main components of blood), and being the whole point of the weapon.

  2. Since most weapons are more or less phallic symbols – wouldn’t something like that on bunkers sword have been more awkward? 😆

  3. @Kevin:
    Just one thing about the pacing: I would have prefered strip #131 to come after #132, not right in front of it. In #131, we see insane Fleece go invisible and prepare to slaughter them all, which means the pace is picking up, tensing is in the air… and then #132 brings it to a grinding halt, with characters sitting down and taking the time to start a long-winded ritual. 😐 That is awkward pacing.

    If the idea is that Fleece will strike during the ritual, well, first of all, that would mean we will never get to see the ritual’s (potentially hilarious) outcome, as Fleece’s attack will break up the ritual. And secondly, putting #131 after #132 would still have worked better, because the laid-back atmosphere of a strip with lewd jokes would have been followed by the ominous declaration of “slaughter them all when they least expect it!” from hallucination!Martin, not the other way round.

    Yes, you could by #132 following #132 means #131 is foreshadowing, immediately followed by #132 a scene where the group relaxes and drops their guard. But it’s giving me mood whiplash. After Fleece went invisible, I expected the pace to pick up, not to slacken with what is basically filler, since the whole strip exists only to provide the fairly clichéd lewd joke at the end (which is itself merely the continuation of joke about the trident making lecherous comments, not even a new revelation).

    • Although some of your assumptions are a bit off, (and you’d only be disappointed if they weren’t) you are, in the main, correct. In fact, I even went back and found a notation in my story notes to tell me to insert the ritual earlier, which I then completely forgot about. (D’oh!)

      Looking at the two strips, there is zero reason they couldn’t simply be switched. I suggest we all edit our recollections to make them that way.