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    • Murder spree? All I see is her thinking she’s now invisible and not bothering to sneak her way past the monsters. That is, unless this ring is really there and she is invisible. It’s kinda hard to tell these days.

      • Honestly? I was trying to start a chain of comments involving the word wind or puns involving wind.

              • I could have had a blast with a veritable whirlwind of puns with such words as “hurricane” or “tornado”, but for some reason I didn’t get a whiff of them at first, probably because we don’t get so much fluttery tempests around these parts, only some minor drafts and flurries.
                Anyway, I’m almost out of synonyms here so I’ll stop.

                One question though: If “wind moves horizontally, while a draft moves vertically” then what do you call something that goes both ways at the same time?

                • That was quite a squall there but I must admit I’m caught in a doldrum after reading it. Not your fault except maybe for trying too hard, which is still far better than not trying at all I’d vent.

                  About the question: You call that an airplane taking off or landing I think. Seriously, draft is a current of air in an enclosed space with updraft and downdraft being used for any quantity of air moving up or down. If it’s up or down a hill/building/ship it’s still wind because the originating vector and end vector away from your non-horizontal surface artifacts is horizontal. I’m not a climatologist or meteorologist so double check this but as far as I know there generally is no air movement that isn’t either ground/horizontal oriented or pretty nearly vertical except as part of the vortex build up of a storm and the collision of two air-masses.

                  • I was just asking because the online dictionary chose to point it out in the notes, so it seemed important. 😛
                    And yes, I usually suck at puns, but I blame it mostly on the language barrier, it’s hard for me to think up word-plays in English. And I suck at telling jokes in general. I just wanted to get the “hurricane of puns” trope linked.

                • Usually that’s called some variation of “Oh, Shit- RUN!”

                  It’s amazing how many words there are for a wind moving both horizontally and vertically- mesocyclone, supercell, hook echo, wall cloud, funnel cloud, tornado, the devil’s tail, the finger of God…

                  And then its cousins, waterspout and dust devil.
                  Or the “wait, you look just like him” microburst and gustnado.

                  Or Big Bubba: tropical storm, cyclone, hurricane, supercyclone- which for extra destructiony goodness will often spin off weak tornadoes as they come ashore.

                  Ah, poor, uneducated Fleece- the fun she could have had if she was familiar with the word “haboob”…

  1. Ahh, famous last words…”What could possibly go wrong?” is about the same thing as saying “Hey, everybody! Watch this!”

  2. Bunker looks totally freaked out in the first panel 😆

    Enkidu’s killing wind is probably much more lethal and it doesn’t take up a spell slot!

    • Hey, if it’s his ghost, he can be completely evil without having to be “nice to the party” – What’s Bunker gonna do, kill him again?

      • Or what’s gonna happen to him if they all die, he’ll die too? I bet if he could have taken everyone down with him in the last moment of his life he’d do it…Just to screw with the DM. 😈

        • I’ve seen this question embodied as two character concepts in Call of Cthulhu: A man who is very good with pistols and rifles, carrying both, with good health and very, very fragile sanity. The point is that nobody wants this guy to have to face a sanity check or else he’d probably kill the whole party, so you have to put them up in a hotel for the duration of the adventure or else the adventure is over before it ever began.
          The other concept was a guy that’s illiterate and very good at running whose response to trouble is to run faster than the rest of the party.

          In general these character concepts (and other similar-purpose ones) offer an inductive proof that being the sort of shit that would abandon or take out the party makes everything less fun for other people (unless they’re cheering your jerk-character on while they’re being a total dick). I doubt that the hypothetical player behind Martin and Fleece both understands and cares about this though.

          • For Call of Cthulhu, the ultimate character would be someone who, though otherwise competent, has that weird condition where when they wake up in the morning they forget everything that happened the day before.

            Since Sanity is based on how much you know about the Cthulhu mythos…such a character would never be able to increase said knowledge (Though he WOULD have to be filled in on what’s going on each morning…)

            “So you’re saying we saw this big weird thing with tentacles? Pull the other one, Bob, it’s got bells on.”

          • For the record, while Martin was both evil and a bit of a sadist, he considered the party to be his friends, and he would never have acted to harm them. (Well, what he would have considered harm, anyway.)

            Now though, Fleece is crazy and being influenced by an illusion of a loved one (Martin) created by a cursed ring, so the game has been changed a bit. I’d say that most any of the characters would have a tough time dealing with that.

      • At least until the bad guys realise what’s going on and kidnap him. Just wait til he wakes up and…

        “Don’t you remember? We’ve been friends for years. There are these guys running around causing trouble. You ARE the local sherrif…you need to run them off. They’re armed and dangerous, so don’t take any guff. Here’s your uniform and guns…”