25 Responses to 763 – White Smoke Mountain • 130

  1. I’m going to go with the roll over text with this one. Enkidu won’t be able to gloat with a dead party. Though I bet he’ll do just enough to just barely get them to the manticore alive. At which point he can play hereo coming in fully prepared while the others bug Morty for some healin’.

    • This is assuming the room isn’t blocking all transportation spells except the mad wizard’s, to prevent anyone from bypassing it….

      If this dungeon was build with an ounce of logic, I would go looking for a secret staircase. But as the module this is based on is an “old-style dungeon crawl”, logic doesn’t figure into it and rooms are built for the sole purpose of being traps and challenges for adventurers.

  2. And once again Enkidu saves the day… except this time he does it before the party is in trouble.

    I vote Enkidu gets bored and decides to hurl giant fireballs of doom down the hallways.

  3. Or…
    The monsters are not so easily distracted and the rest of the party has to kill them all leaving Enkidu out of the XP.

    • Weird. I got an email asking to moderate your post, but couldn’t find it when I went looking for it. For all your adoring masses, the post was:

      “Arcane Caster’s Motto: Vene Vidi Igni (I came, I saw, I set it on fire!)

      Is there any problem a Fireball can’t solve?”