27 Responses to 762 – White Smoke Mountain • 129

  1. This fails to fill me with dread. This version of Fleece already seemed like a pain-crazy psycho (other people’s pain, anyway) when Martin picked her up from the store.

  2. That is just being mean to the party.

    I like it.

    Then again, how does this make Fleece any different than an unrestrained Martin and they handled Martin. Usually.

  3. “Keeps her calm and happy”…she is obviously hypered to the n’th degree and mad as a hatter to booth. 😆

  4. I’m a little rusty on Clerical lore, but isn’t cure insanity somwhere in thier spell list? Is this something Morty would be able to study up on/pray for? I’ve never been real clear on clerics choosing thier spells, or DM’s “granting” them. What’s your take on the selection of clerical spells? Is it up to the player or the DM?

    • They’re playing 4e now, so the spell selection is a lot more limited. I’m not even sure whether they still have (Lesser) Restoration, which is what I’d assume is most useful in case of PC insanity.