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    • With nobody asking where the comic is I was starting to think I’ve gone crazy or missed/forgot about a scheduled down-time.

      @Chris: Of course that’s not a camel toe, there’s no camel in any of the panels. 😉

      I bet this tight bodysuit is Kevin’s excuse to draw Freya like that all the time. And am I the only one who thinks that headpiece she has looks like a pirate’s kerchief/bandana? She’s now a ninja-pirate, the most deadly character combination known to man!

      • It certainly saves him from having to draw a complicated costume. Now I picture ninja clerics, ninja fighters, ninja Enkidu….actually that’s enough of that….

        Ninja pirates? Those are called US Navy SEALS….. Go Navy!

  1. There are two theories on ninjas… one states that they were peasants beating the shit out of samurai, who got lies told about them afterwards to explain how this could possibly have occurred. The other says that they really did do impossible shit. Personally, I don’t think most of the good ones were human.

    • I read a thing once, that basically described the ninja as a small tribe/clan/whatever that lived in a forest and practiced guerrilla warfare against the invading samurai armies.

      Which is why they got such a reputation – they were destroying armies twice, five times, ten times, twenty times their size. Logistics, yo.

      (The prevailing military strategy at the time was: “throw more samurai at the enemy. That will win FOR SURE this time.”)

      • Once again, ninja were spies and assassins (government terrorism), not guerilla fighters against the warrior caste.

        • Armies in history have not been beaten by “action movie” secret supersoldiers. For every army wiped out by superior enemy weapons or numbers, an equal number was crippled or wiped out by diseases, bad weather, bad intel, or lack of salt (yes, salt used to be one of the most important and costly resources, so important that wars were fought over it).

      • By that logic, TSED, the Germanic tribes under Arminius who managed to beat the Roman legions should have gained such a folkloristic reputation too, but they didn’t.

        History is only written by the victors if the victors can write… or pay the bard. Otherwise, your small tribe may have won the battle, but the big empire is still there, and the empire writes the history books.

      • Samurai were not cannon fodder to “throw at the enemy”. Their reign, socially and on the battlefield, ended in the 19th century when the Europeans forcefully broke Japan’s isolationist policy[*] with gunboat diplomacy and brought modern firearms into Japan.

        [*] The “seclusion” during the Edo period which lasted from 1603 to 1868 A.D. During that time, the Tokugawa shogunate placed the samurai class above the commoners (agriculturists, artisans, and merchants) and enacted rigid laws over commoners and nobility alike.

    • @CthulhuHungers: Re: ninjas. I think you are confusing some things here: Ninja did not fight samurai. Ninja were covert agents of the Japanese feudal government. The samurai were the Japanese warrior caste, the officers of the army. The ninja, in contrast, were the governments secret agents, spies, saboteurs and (mercenary) assassins, as feudal Japan had a large-scale espionage system centuries before Europe did.

      I have read that the modern iconography of ninja wearing black “catsuits” is a historical mistake, based on all the myth and folklore that sprang up around those” mysterious assassins”, which goes back to the black stage-hand costumes the stagehands in Japanese theatres wore when they were changing the painted backgrounds and props on stage. Them wearing all black and no theater masks meant they were officially “invisible” and the audience was supposed to pretend they weren’t there. From that the idea was born that wearing all black and a black cloth over your face makes you invisible. Which is one of the powers folklore granted to the ninja.

      All that “peasants fighting armed soldiers with rice flails and bare hands, thus developing martial arts” stuff comes from China.

    • Not really as it’d be no different then the large use of peasant conscripts in Europe.
      Biggest differnce is the style implied.
      Europe give a peasant a spear gather them in a square shape and march into the face of the opposing forces.
      Asia gather a mob hand them everything from yo-yos to sticks and disperse them throughout the countryside, to ambush and waylay opponents.

      Pretty much the same tactic as used by the VC just with “some” different weapons.

  2. Um… where is… Freya’s outfit? It’s really very… um… figure-hugging.

    But is wearing clothes, right? Even if I can’t see the seams (but can see everything else, oh boy). If she was naked, Kevin would draw nipples and toes, right?

    Of maybe someone got some ideas wrong and designed an invisible ninja costume (the costume, not the ninja).

    I would give her a +4 to initiative against hetero males and lesbians, because her opponents keeps staring at her skintight outfit.