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  1. If that wizard is still around, maybe Bluto shouldn’t brag about how he is going to betray him. Especially not at shouting volume.

    • Villains only have one volume setting. That’s why I’m an anti-hero. Anti-hero, you hear?!!

      Given his physique and mannerisms I think he’ll be played by Brian Blessed when the H.O.L.E movie comes out.

        • I’m kinda bad with picking actors as I tend to forget them and their names. I’m kinda bad with all such lists and would rather answer questions in a format like “would X be good playing as Y?” rather than trying to think up “who should play Y?”. I’m better at responding to other people’s cast-lists, if I can remember who this or that actor is anyway.
          But everyone knows who Brian Blessed is. :mrgreen:

        • I used to have one. Lessee if I can remember…

          Bunker: Dwayne Johnson
          Enkidu: Dane Cook (Forgot his name. Found it by Googling “Asshole Comedian”.)
          Freya: Gina Torres

          Don’t think I can remember anyone else I had picked. Let’s see what else I can come up with…

          Martin: Paul Bettany
          Fleece: Elizabeth Banks
          Morty: Zach Galafianakis
          Zobbie: Gabrielle Union maybe? It would have to be someone youthful.

          • You’re calling someone who’s 38 years old “youthful”? Man, you really are old! 😛

            I think Allan Rickman would suit Martin, if we’re ignoring age issues. But then again, as a caster, especially a rather evil, anti-hero one, being somewhat old helps…I mean, who’d want to see a young wizard running around the movie?

            And as to Bunker being played by The Rock, I always got the feeling of Bunker as your typical American Caucasian, slightly-dumb football player(he’s also fair-skinned and blond, IIRC from the color period of the comic), and being the group’s fighter doesn’t help matters in my mind.

            All this regarding the D&D characters, not their real-life counterparts, of course, so maybe I’m not getting the right nuances like you can.

          • I think it would have to be a younger cast, and most of the stars I’m familiar with are way too old these days.

            What about some of the supporting roles? I’m going to nominate Sam Elliott as Erias, Richard O’Brien as Vorpine, Robert Knepper as von Rocschlossen (or whatever he’s called), Lucy Liu as Velvet and (inspired edit) Bill Hader as Mars.

            And the Oscar goes to….

            • They do get old awfully fast don’t they? It looks like all the big stars of my childhood and teen years are now 40+ or just about kissing it, and those were the young ones!
              Of course it’s not me getting old, it’s just them.

  2. Oh no, Freyas kryptonite…The npc backstory!

    Also, he seem to have nabbed Zobbies shoulderpads.
    Nasty Bluto, getting an asskicking by Freya serves him right. :mrgreen:

  3. Need a little tech-support here. A site I frequent has suddenly decided I can’t come in, claiming that:
    “Firewall software decided your IP address is abusing this server. Use of automated software that does not follow /robots.txt is forbidden. Broken RSS reader is the most common cause.”

    Now, either this is telling me I have some sort of spy-bot installed all of a sudden, or that something has gone wrong with the RSS reader. Either way I have no clue since I’m pretty sure my AV program would’ve caught anything unusual(and it’s possible I’ve completely misunderstood what the problem even is and they’re not saying there’s some virus in my system), and I’ve never in my life bothered clicking on any RSS subscription button so I’m not even sure where to look to fix it. Do I need to reinstall my FF browser? I’ve already tried updating my few add-0ns and plug-ins(why does Flash Player update so often? you’d think it’d be perfected by now), to no avail, which isn’t that surprising since I don’t think they’ve got anything to do with RSS reading.

    • Dunno what country your living in but many ISP’s are blocking/limiting/restricting bandwith heavy user and websites. Torrent sites are the bain of ISP’s so if your a heavy user I’d cut back a bit for a little while or check on other sites.

      It could also just be a software issue, reinstall your web-browser and torrent tool and that should fix it.

      • Everything points to the site itself blocking me(and my ISP, as I’ve seen quite a few calls for help from people using my ISP in Stephen’s search, not to mention my ex who also only now found himself blocked). He did find at least a temporary solution for us though, we’re now using the site only with an “.eu” suffix instead of “.com”.
        In case it also becomes blocked later on I’ll either use a proxy or move on to other sites.