25 Responses to 757 – White Smoke Mountain • 124

  1. Finally, a close-up of the fish!

    I thought they looked kind of loach-ey. It certainly explains why we don’t see any snails in the magic stream. 😉

  2. Tsk…Silly Druid…coulda changed into a sea snake or something that could peek above the water without being an obvious “adventurer”

          • In hindsight, I prefer Wimpy and the Sea Hag.

            Also in hindsight, I was rather interested by the few occasions in the cartoon where it looked like Popeye and Bluto were shipmates, even friends, before they encountered a certain Ms. Oyle. They would have made an interesting team.

                • Nonsense, lots of women like jerks who treat them like garbage and beat the living shit out of them on a regular basis.
                  Hell, even serial killers(and the really crazy ones at that, who do nasty things to you before and after you’re dead, not just simply kill you, which I personally find as really gross and unhygienic…oh, and morally wrong, of course) have groupies!

    • A Wizard Did it.

      Clearly the surface of the floating stream has lots of ripples and stuff that distorts the view…

      • True… actually I am not completely correct, fish see in black and white and about as clear as a human eye can see underwater. So they don’t see 20/20 but enough to ‘see’ general things. Could argue the torches blinded her fishy eyes.

    • Fish in general (and aquarium fish like the one Zobbie turned into in specific) have excellent vision within about six inches, and very little other than “big blobby thing” past a couple of feet. Furthermore, because their eyes are on the sides they have next to no depth perception. Fish DO see in color, as well as a bit into the ultraviolet spectrum. However, all of the surfaces of the floating stream are irregular, and even if the fish had better vision than it does, it would still be extremely difficult to make much out.

      Rather than explain all of this which comic readers would both find boring and would seriously not give a shit about, the DM shorthanded it to say that fish do not see very well out of the water. Perhaps it would have been more accurate to say that a fish could not make out any of the details of the room… but now I’m boring myself so I’ll just stop.

  3. And now for the sexist comment. I really love the way she is coming out of the water with her nipples perky and her mouth held that way!