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    • Ouch! I once had a single player drive off all the rest of my players, one by one. I finally had to show her the door and find an entirely new group. (Oh, and 14 really is a bit much.)

        • Where did you find 14 players???
          Our weekend group can at best score 5 players +GM.

          *suffers from serious gamer access envy*

          • we combined two different groups that one friend of mine played with the “town” group and the “bluff” group that came to 13 players and me as the d.m. it was fun but really hard to control. so we ended up slimming back down to about 7. now we are 3 , but we get alot done.

  1. Even more proof that no creature from any monster manual is as dangerous to an adventuring party as real-life conflict between its players… as if any were needed.

      • Ah, so the question was only about one’s own urine, very well, I stand corrected. And it all depends on the volumes of the respective fluids, their composition(such as salinity), temperature, point of entry relative to the subject’s position, force and level of penetrati0n of each emission, rate of drinking and urine emission, gravity, depth of body of water, the floating stream’s behavior(such as current speed, waves etc) and probably some other things that all affect the mingling of said two fluids. It also requires you to set a value for “what is urine?”, as in, what concentration of specific urine-related molecules is considered to be urine as compared to water(1 molecule?).

        Hah, I beat Christina to it! I rule SCIENCE!!!

            • Yes, that’s correct. But to be thorough and make sure there wasn’t a glitch somewhere we’ll have to run the calculations again, so check in in a few billion years and we’ll have the answer for you.

              • What about force of motion? Water has surface tension and so does urine as it is partly made of water. Would not the current of the floating stream simply carry the urine caught in the surface tension?

                Quick someone do an experiment does urine float or sink in pure water? Now add fish to it, same reaction?

                  • I’d test it with some a sliced lemon(in place of the acidic urine) and cooked fish(cuz really, raw? what am I, Gollum?) but I avoid eating anything but canned/processed fish because I’m terrified of choking on bones(some types of processing, like grinding, aren’t all that safe either, I always find bone fragments in Gfilte fish, fish cakes etc) .
                    It’s a real shame since fish meat is very tender and tasty(especially the simple method roasting/frying), but I can’t eat it without checking constantly for bones, and always finding too many. I only touch canned fish(like Tuna/Sardine) and pickled herring…Now I’m hungry. 😛

                    • You do realise that canned fish is the absolute nastiest fish in the processing center, right? I used to work in a Cannery up in Alaska as a teenager…the good fresh stuff gets frozen solid and shipped out to be sold whole or as filets, while the nearly rotton mushy nasty fish gets canned…

                    • Probably, but some places have better quality control than others, and the USA has shown to have some very poor examples in that regard.
                      But anyway, if it was so horrible I’ve yet to come across it since all the canned fish I’ve eaten(and it’s not that much anyway, I mean, why eat canned fish when there’s better, fresher food around?) looked and tasted fine, and I’ve yet to become sick of one.
                      If we’re talking about processed fish then pickled herrings are a much better choice anyway. Though maybe “pickled” isn’t the correct term. There are two types of processed herring fillets common here. One’s obviously pickled and the other seems to be stored in oil instead of vinegar&brine, which is my preferred variety.
                      Basically the way I differentiate them by looks is that the pickled ones are white while the “oiled” are pink. So I like the pink ones.

  2. So now she’s drunk Enkidu’s pee. And she’s underage. Enkidu achieves R. Kelly levels of of evil:) Bunker put her up to it too. He is so never getting his Paladin status back.