41 Responses to 755 – White Smoke Mountain • 755

  1. Looks Like Morty has found the path to his Laughing Place…keep your hands and arms inside the boats…this ride may get you wet…

  2. I’d say based on the current and assuming those ‘rafts’ do in fact float he could just dive into the stream and pop up on the surface.

    Even better… what if you used the ‘rafts’ to block the first part of the stream, or redirect it, and the just walk through the tunnel. Would the water go around the blocking object? Picturing something like using mirrors and light beams.

    • Or since some of them have scorching ray as an “at will” abilty, you could just boil away all the water (might take a while…)

      • These other solutions contain 100% more DM annoyance!

        As a player, I have built ropes out of long grass and used them with a makeshift grappling hook to scale a wall, rather than use the staircase because the GM was railroaing us a little too much.

        I have had players assemble a catapult to send a message to someone who was just out of shouting distance, because they were worried for some reason. Completely unjustified of course… 😉

  3. Did anyone think of buying the Dm his favorite pizza and beer as an apology for the whole hacked dungeon thing so they could maybe get a clue as to if this was safe?

  4. Is it my imagination or are Zobbie’s breasts getting smaller constantly? She looks barely pubescent now. Is she supposed to be shifting to look more and more like her player? Or is something else afoot? Her shoulders aren’t broadening, so I doubt the belt’s ‘curse’ is wearing off. Maybe every time she shapeshifts, her human form takes on more of her own mental image?

    • Well, if you run around without a bra, things tend to bounce, which can be rather painful depending on how well endowed you are in the breasts department.