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  1. My first thought was Enkidu poked a “hole” in the stream and it was leaking.

    On a somewhat related note, Enkidu has an ass! Not that I would ever, ever, EVER touch a Half-Orc with a 10 foot pole. More or less his ass.

  2. Seriously, Enkidu? You’re dissing the guy who created this magic dungeon in his spare time? And then you whip it out? Wow, really mature.

    Penis envy in wizards is a sad sight indeed.

      • Kevin’s an expert in ichthyology so he knows very well that fish can be very susceptible to changes in the salinity of the body of water they’re in. Clearly these are fresh-water fish and Enkidu just made an ocean out of their stream via his river.

        Speaking of fish, when I searched for the correct spelling of ichthyology on Wikipedia I came across some studies that claim fish can perceive pain and that some countries have banned certain types of fishing(like angling).
        Now, wouldn’t it be fair to say that if they feel pain(or even if not the same way as us) then all kind of fishing should be banned and the only good way to kill one quickly is grabbing it out of a tank and smacking its head(like they do when selling fresh fish in markets)? Isn’t getting dragged to the surface by net and suffocating slowly kinda cruel?

        Maybe PETA should start protesting by having naked women covered in fish meat swim around near the shore.
        Oh, and call the shark researchers. 😉

          • Somone Call Hooper…he would have a lot of fun. Maybe they could have celebrity swimmers like Michael Moore…though he would have to wear blubber for realism’s sake…

            • LOL @ the video.

              I don’t mind nude women covered in meat protesting against animal cruelty and eating meat in general- who doesn’t love a good comedy with hot, nude ladies?

              I’m just laughing at the silliness of banning certain forms of fishing when the simple commercial method, which doesn’t even break the “skin” or draws blood, is basically the equivalent of catching people in nets and drowning them, only that the fish seem to take a lot more time to “drown” since they’re still kinda moist and getting some of their oxygen.
              Personally I don’t have much of a problem either way, only with the ridiculous “angling is crueler” approach(I assume most fishermen club their fish after they reel them in, for convenience’s sake if not for mercy, which they probably don’t have for the fish anyway).

    • That’s why portable holes, bags of holding etc were invented.
      Doing a little research on the subject, I think using a Bag of Devouring as a portable toilet would be very amusing. 😛

      • That has been done, by me, in high school, Orald. However, it’s really a little less satisfying than it might be, since very few campaigns focus on role-playing excretions.

        • Why doesn’t it surprise me that you’ve already done that? Of course, I only learned of the existence of “Bag of Devouring” and other such cursed items today while doing some Wiki’ reading.