Tuesday Videos: Moon Goon Edition

This is a series of three videos from BarelyPolitical, The Key of Awesome. The first video became a break out hit for Jake Chudnow and Tom Small, putting them on the map for their comedy and sexy antics. Though less polished and heavier handed than their much-lauded next installment, Moon Girl, Sexy Cyborg nonetheless shows the seeds of promise for two brightly budding careers.

Riding high on the success of Sexy Cyborg, Jake and Tom decided to throw all of their profits into a huge video sequel, one part special effects extravaganza, one part solid story, and one part heart. The result was Moon Girl, the pinnacle of all their achievements. In fact, the final line of the video is often used to encapsulate not just the trilogy, but the entirety of the internet as well.

The last video, included for completeness’ sake, (though left out of the bundled Blu-Ray compilation set) is Tron Girl. By this time drugs, sex, and ski-ball had almost destroyed the pair, and it clearly shows. In the E! Entertainment special, Fallen Giants of the Tiny Screen, Chudnow admits that they just “…sort of phoned it in. I was so wasted, I thought it was an Annette Funicello beach thing.” For his part, when asked about inspiration for the Tron Girl herself, Small replied, “Yeah, she was supposed to represent my Mom. Jake and I both sort of had the hots for her.”

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  1. Kevin, can I ask a favour?

    Don’t post multiple videos from the same series any more. For example, if someone already knows about said series, they get 0 videos out of a possible 3. This really sucks, because your videos are generally pretty awesome posts that I look forwards to.

    • It’s almost like Kevin was sitting around thinking to himself, “How can I shit on TSED’s morning?”

    • Hm. Well, first, thanks TSED for the comment. I always like seeing what all of you are thinking. But… and I really want you to know that I am NOT just pissing on your opinion… but I simply cannot cater to you.

      First, it is one person’s opinion. There are over a thousand folks a day who stop by to see what I put up, and if I were to change that to what YOU would put up, there could be considerably more issue.

      Second, and again I am not trying to be disrespectful, I don’t do this for you. I put up comics and blogs and videos that amuse or interest me. If I were to try and reach for the lowest common denominator that appealed to the largest number of people, I would certainly be more popular, but there would be zero reason for me to do it because I don’t enjoy that sort of thing.

      Third and finally, not every day is going to be everyone’s cup of tea. Some days will be “meh”, some will be “wow”. I’m okay with that. I make nothing from this and do not anticipate I ever will, so there’s not much for me to lose out on by making it exactly the way I want it. Hell, it’d undoubtedly be a better site if there WERE some other person telling me how to do the things I put here… but then it wouldn’t be MINE, which is kind of the reason I do this.

      I do value my readers and I’m glad you’re here. I know your request seemed really simple and fair, but for me, that way lies madness.

      • I don’t know if you’ll read this as Tuesday has passed, but don’t worry about it. It was a “if it’s no trouble” thing, and if it’s trouble I’d rather you just keep on keepin’ on. You already do plenty, after all. More than I do for you.

  2. “Pulling a Columbine”, now there’s a funny expression. 😆

    To help better entertain TSED and others, I’ll post two other(albeit similarly themed to each-other) videos that might teach one some manual skills. Personally, I just thought they were interesting to watch. Both are about wood sculpturing/sawing, for those with the proper(expensive) equipment.
    The first is a skill demonstration in some convention or something: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXW55S4X9zo&feature=player_embedded .
    This second one is part of a series by same creator, where he mostly shows you how to make simple and nice trinkets out of pieces of wood: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Siygqs-IGPw&feature=channel . And he DOES look a lot like Hugh Laurie’s long lost brother(check out the one he’s got about making a heart-in-heart-shaped picture frame).

    • You know Orald, on the day that you do finally snap and run out into the street with a pair of AK-47s and sixty pounds of C-4 strapped to your chest, people are gonna come looking to me and ask why I never turned you in to the authorities.

      I’ll just lie and tell them I had no idea…

      (Seriously, life is a wonderful thing. There is always something better around the next corner. You have value!)

      • “You know Orald, on the day that you do finally snap and run out into the street with a pair of AK-47s and sixty pounds of C-4 strapped to your chest…” …Is the day I get my hands on said pair of AK-47s(though I’d rather have a newer model, seriously, most of those rifles were made around the time you were born, Kevin, maybe an http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AK-105 or something else from the AK 100-series) and 30 kg of C-4. On second thought, make that 15 kg(30 lb.), the full amount is over half my weight already so I wouldn’t get very far.

        But if I’m going to dual wield rifles maybe it’d be better to use something lighter, like SMGs, say something equivalent to Uzis, because even with such light recoil I’m gonna be hard-pressed to actually hit anything.
        Duel wielding is silly anyway, you can’t even change magazines properly so what’s the point?
        There’s not much ammo in there, you know, 30 rounds get used VERY fast on auto-fire(as a side note, I’ve never fired on full-auto even though one officer said I could if I wanted to at the range, as I found it silly and didn’t relish the thought of banging my shoulder even further with those hard, clunky metallic Galil stocks).
        You’d better use a light-machine-gun if you really wanted such a high volume of fire with similarly uncontrollable weapons, but with much faster loading times. Those also usually use rather big, yet still comfortable to carry, box magazines, so you’d need even less reloading. Still, firing either without letting it wander all over the place due to recoil and heavy weight is probably beyond my strength.

        So, uh, where was I? Oh, yes, “pulling a Columbine”. It’s a funny expression since it’s a rather minor, insignificant event but somehow it got really famous. Maybe it’s because a supposedly quiet, innocent teenager did it. Well, they do say “watch out for the quiet ones”. 😆
        I’m quite sure I’m also not the only one who, when bored for some more action in some game(say, Fallout 3/NV) starts a massacre in a friendly town or army base, but it’s alright since no real people were harmed. Just goes to show what a lot of people consider fun(and that’s not talking about the “legitimate” killing in all kinds of shooting games, or most other games that don’t involve you playing with virtual barbie dolls, like Sims).
        Heck, don’t people just LOVE nuking cities in strategy games? And you never ever take any prisoners, you must butcher your opponents to the last man. I guess it’s only fun when it’s virtual people crying in agony while burning alive after you napalmed them. Oh, and films. Just about anything that’s not a comedy, unless said comedy is a parody of war films etc, then it’s “fun” both ways, hooray!
        Well, I think you know what I’m driving at, and I don’t think the “real vs fiction” excuse is of much help to redeem humanity’s obsession with fighting and killing, in case you think that’s something that really needs redeeming.
        Me? I think it’s only natural, the way we were shaped by a universe that has us constantly fighting for our lives even on a microscopic level within our own bodies. There’s a reason why “war never changes”.

        And as for accountability, you could always claim you didn’t think I’d do anything since obviously if I really wanted to do it I already had the chance and access to rifles, tons of ammo and ceramic vests(I wouldn’t bother wearing a flak vest if they handed them out for free, BTW). Thinking about what equipment to use is just good planning. It’s always good to have a solid plan for everything, and it helps passing the time.

        • So you already HAVE sixty pounds of C4? No fair! Why does every OTHER crazy guy get to play with high explosives?

          Suicide bombers are idiots though…I mean come on…what if you’re wrong and you DON’T get to deflower seventy virgins forever (Like most weird religious dogma, how they manage to STAY virgins after you supposedly have your way with them probably isn’t explained in the manual I bet…) in the afterlife for slaughtering innocent children and old ladies at the local pizza parlor?

          A bit late to change your mind if you stupidly blow yourself to smithereens and instead find youself being Satan’s Butt Buddy for all eternity for being such an asshole…

        • “Empathy”, a nice little thing most of humanity could use a few more large doses of.

          It works on a lot of things…would certainly help with deep schadenfreude and petty virtual sadism ; )

          Only times we fired on full-auto was when the lieutenant said something like “We have 150 kgs extra ammo, you can use them or carry them”.

          • That’s something the movies don’t really show. I’m quite sure even those semi-documentary shows, usually portraying American soldiers, are showing way too much full-auto fire. Even with machine-guns you’re supposed to fire in short bursts, both to conserve ammo and to avoid overheating, and I suspect also so you don’t stray too far off the target. Suppose your average infantry carries 10 magazines for his personal rifle, which is quite a lot, and 300 rounds sounds like a lot, but he’d deplete it in less than a minute on auto fire and probably wouldn’t hit anything either.
            Rule of cool indeed… 😐

            Speaking of empathy and shooting, in my first firing range after transferring to my base following completion of my job-assignment course(the wonderful world of logistical bureaucracy in all it’s myriad forms!), some silly girl who also just completed basic training etc started crying because all the noise apparently scared her. One has to wonder how exactly she went through basic training. I admit to laughing aloud at that, with at least one other guy. I’m sorry, but if you’re so scarred of gunfire then tell them beforehand and get disqualified from service, gods know it’s not all that hard for women to do. And being afraid of that unless you had a really traumatic experience with guns before is just…disgustingly childish. I don’t enjoy gunfire, same as I don’t care for fireworks, but grow a spine! I have no empathy for silly, spineless people who can’t even take that kind of stuff without bawling and crying to mommy.
            I’m very much not a macho or outdoors-obsessed(mud, stones, cow-manure…how very entertaining *yawn*) guy, but if you’re afraid of anything that simple you kind of fail at living.

            P.S. Am I the only one having trouble accessing the site in the last couple of days? Tried posting this half an hour ago or so and only now got to the page.

            • Automatic fire is something you would only ever use in unusual circumstances (Like stumbling on a whole squad of the enemy from behind with them under no cover and you either all alone (and with nowhere to hide once they notice you) or with only a few allies.)

              Full auto may SEEM fun when you see it in the movies, but every bullet weighs something, and you can only carry so much ammo. If you burn up all of it at every opportunity on full auto whether you need it or not, you won’t have it when you really need it.

              The term is “Fire Discipline” (Though it is usually applied to artillery, it also applies to personal firearms)

              • Yeah, I know about the term “fire discipline”. It also touches the subject of when to shoot, what to shoot etc. You know, no “innocent” bystanders like pregnant women, kids, babies, the elderly and small furry animals. Bunch of boring stuff if you ask me. I think the instructors had some reason for that part but my mind was already drifting at that point…Oh, also, no shooting in the back the annoying instructor who took away and lost some of your army-issued gear and later screamed and punished you for lacking said gear, when she’s done inspecting you and climbs out of the watchtower.
                But they never said not to AIM, did they? 😉
                Oh, they might have. Party poopers. 🙁

                No, I must admit, I never did understand the meaning of the “purity of arms” concept, nor the “spirit of the IDF” bullshit.
                Now that I mention it, this might have been related to why I only served a year out of the normal 3-year term…

          • I don’t. Drugs are bad for you. I’m naturally this talented.

            My views are rather simple when you look at it. The universe as we know it is pretty crapsack. Not Warhammer crapsack, but still pretty crapsack. Say Dune level of crapsack*. People are evolved great apes who have to kill stuff to survive and, well, it kinda still carries even when a cooperation set of mind would be a much more efficient way of getting things done. That’s the underlying “rule” for what makes people “tick” in my opinion.
            People who are just stupid, incompetent or so disconnected from this world that they start bawling after hearing some loud bangs(what does she do on Independence Day, curl up in shock under her bed? I doubt that very much, I bet she goes out to party while I’m the one who ends up being very annoyed by all the noise) whose origin they very well understand and know there’s nothing that’s going to hurt them(these aren’t some lost tribe people who are scared by your boom-stick) are just, well, their lives aren’t worth much in my eyes.

            However, I was a joking when I started analyzing the stuff I’d use for “Columbining”. It’s the same as arguing what’s better to use on zombies, what levels the H.O.L.E cast members are or why the Empire would kick the shit out of those Federation pansies and feed them all to the mighty Sarlacc(cue rabid fanboys fighting…and I don’t even care much for any of those franchises, tee hee! 😈 ).

            *I might be biased on that one since the original six Dune novels are GOD’S NEW-ER TESTAMENT AND FRANK HERBERT WAS THE MESSIAH…But then he had to father Brian(still debatable- he could be adopted, or he killed the real Brian and took his place, or an evil one from another dimension etc…the mind just boggles at the fact that that turd somehow came from FRANK “GENIUS” HERBERT) and didn’t drown him in some cesspool when he was a kid, so now the talentless hack is shitting on his father’s divine legacy. I’m still waiting for those “dangerous guns” to claim Brain and his lover Kevin J. Anderson.

      • Oh, and another thing- why do you only refer to my tiny comment about a phrase sounding funny and not to my lovely links about woodworking*? See? I’m trying to help people, I’m a good guy. 😥

        *As a side note, various studies have shown a strong correlation between woodworking and “columbining” schools. I, uh, accidentally lost the links to said studies and forgot where or when they were conducted, but you know you can trust me on that one.