The Tuesday Videos: The Wizard of Jedi Kitties Edition

This is what happens when real people get Jedi powers. At least, it’s what would happen if I had Jedi powers.

Many people have asked me, Kevin, srsly dood, just how freakin’ cool are you? It’s a nearly impossible question to answer, because my coolness surpasses all known scales of coolosity known to mankind. But, thanks to Jesse, (who posted this in a comment a while back) I now have a way to hint at it to you.

The following video is almost as cool as I am.

I’m not like, the cat video guy. Pets in general are kind of overdone here on the intrawebs. But every once in a while, one catches my attention and I feel the need to share. But just so you know going in, this is a video about cats. Sort of.

35 Responses to The Tuesday Videos: The Wizard of Jedi Kitties Edition

  1. Say what you will, those Jedi A-holes are still less annoying than Anakin Skywalker. Less mature, maybe… but at least they don’t pout and whine endlessly about how Obi-Wan sends them to their room without dinner… and how they hate sand. 🙄

      • Yes, it’s as good as the short. At one time, it was also legally downloadable for free, courtesy of Mr. Jittlov himself. I don’t know if that is still the case, but it’s definitely out there on the web for the effort of a Google search.

      • The coolest part of the movie is, he actually shows you how some of the effects were done (In one scene we see a friend helping him photograph the “running on the wall” sequence)

  2. Awesome vids dude. Your coolness does indeed exceed Jitlov’s. You’re also a lot more up-to-date, and have a considerably more stylish hat. Can you believe the guy is 63 now? I always hoped he’d make a sequal to Wizard, something like “Animators VS. CGI”, where all the ex Disney ink and paint artists duel it out with the CGI computer nerds. No dice so far. He’s probably working at Burger King and can’t get time off for making movies.

      • He has earned it, but it’s sad that nobody picked him up or funded him for more projects. Could have done some amazing things- even though he has a beef with the “insider industry” of film. There are new artists appearing every day coming up with amazing stuff that are worth checking out, and a lot of it is thanks to Mike’s example of “doing it yourself”. Keep showcasing the awesome vids, and maybe some of these artists will get the recognition they deserve!

    • I have seen this before, but it is fucking cool. Maybe not AS cool as me… but our coolnesses might date.

      Everyone is cheering because while the entire video needed to be shot in one take, (kind of unbelievable in itself) this was not the first take, and it took that many people to reset the thing. I’d have been cheering too.

      • I don’t think it is a single take, but multiple ones. there are higher quality versions of that music video floating about and it becomes clear how they stitched the takes together. It is still a very well done video and took some great effort on their part.

        … even their wiki page mentions the cuts … third paragraph of the “creation” section. … a video explaining the cuts are shown … made by the guy that created the first video you posted.

        … if you like rube goldberg machines then have you seen the PBS short movie …
        “The way things go (Der Lauf der Dinge)” by Peter Fischli & David Weiss ? A twenty seven minute long Rube Goldberg machine dynamic process driven by gravity, kinetics, chemical reactions and fire acting upon ordinary objects.
        ( 3 part google video :

        • *You’d might want to edit that last bracket so it doesn’t foul up the link*

          I was going to say people should be pissed that that’s what NASA workers actually do instead of giving us planetary colonies and flying cars, but after seeing it I’m not sure which one’s the better result anymore.

  3. I was at a World Science Fiction Con.. sort of accidentally… back in The Day, and someone from the film presentations group had found several shorts by this new guy named Mike Jitlov.

    They all, and I say this in full regard to my former occupation as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Specialist,

    As the clamor drew down, the presenter said, “well – I’m glad you liked all of those… would you like to see the last one I’ve got?”

    The crowd went wild, so the presenter queued up, “Wizard of Speed and Time.”

    The audience was completely silent as the film ran, but when it stopped, people were jumping up and down, screaming and cheering.

    They had to show it three times just to shut me… I mean US… US… to shut US up.

  4. As immature as those Jedi A-holes were, they were a lot nicer than I would have been given force powers. The guy from Wizard looks like my mom’s boyfriend. Bout the right age too, but obviously not him. That vid was cool as hell, so you must be pretty damn cool Kevin. Not that I ever doubted. And the cat thing was funny, and my daughter thought it was very cute. She immediately came running over when she heard patty cake.

  5. These “assholes” are immature kids with silly pranks compared to what I’d do.
    Crime, my friends- that’s what any smart person would do with such powers.

    • Well, yah, Jedi powers have a LOT more potential than silly practical jokes…Imagine how much money I could make in Las Vegas…or as an espionage-agent-for-hire…

      Me: “You want to tell me your secrets…”
      Ambassador: “I want to tell you my secrets…”
      Me: “And then forget you ever saw me…”
      Ambassador: “And then forget I ever saw you…”

      • I’m pretty sure most ambassadors won’t be so weak willed enough to fall for a jedi mind trick. And I don’t think it works that way. It’s a suggestion. The more you ask, the more difficult it is. Divulging a countries secrets is very big order.

        • Well there’s always the “Lightsabre meets Wolverine” method: You chop the door off his armored limo, drag him to an isolated location, deactivate your sabre, hold it under his chin, and say “remember what this did to your car? Unless you want your skull ventelated from top to bottom, I suggest you tell me what I want to know.”

          Or you could force-crush the limo and bring it WITH you to said location and make it hover over his head while he’s tied to a chair…

          “Wanna play “Whack-an-ambassador?””

          • Elfguy, seriously, if kidnapping ambassadors and threatening their lives(And if we’re about threats, it’s usually better to hurt their families anyway, as most of you seem to care about your families a lot, especially kids for some reason) would’ve really worked no one would really need all that excessive fireworks show you just suggested. That silly, conspicuous stuff belongs in a James Bond movie(The definition of “silly, implausible action”).

      • Now that’s just the kind of silly things you lawful people would think about. Working for others, letting others both know and use your powers and putting yourself not only in a submissive role but also at great risk, not only from your victims/enemies but from your own employers.
        Wouldn’t it be that much simpler to just get people to give you their money directly instead of this complex workaround scheme?
        Walk to some guy, brainwash him to give you his cash, brainwash him to forget about it(Simple “you got robbed/lost your wallet” cover-story optional, but recommended), walk away. Repeat a few dozen times with “smallish” sums a day and voila, you got a lot of money for one day of “chatting” to people with no one the wiser, no one on your tail and no one hearing about it on the news. Multiply that for a period of time of your liking, preferably in different cities(So as to not exhaust your pray or draw suspicion with a plague of missing wallets in one small town) and you’re set. No need to even target rich people and get large sums of money as that just raises the alarm(Because the police only cares about rich people getting robbed 😛 ).

        And that’s just the “stealing money” part, wait till I get to the “covertly killing people who annoyed youtotally deserve it” part…Or the other perks that such powers can bring you. 😈

        • Hey, who would need to “steal” anything…Watch the Fritz Lang silent movie “Dr. Mabuse, the Gambler” – He has Jedilike powers, and uses them to basically make his opponent “fold” at cards even if they have a winning hand…of course he doesn’t have to talk to do it, just stare…

          • Which, again, is drawing undue attention to himself. The whole point of getting money without getting on anyone’s radar is to not stand out in any way.
            Stealth is the name of the game, but I’m afraid that when I say that the image that pops into your head is a rogue clad from head to toe in tight black leathers with a cowl hiding his face, a belt of throwing knives across his chest and a dagger on each hip.
            I think the whole “costumed superhero” thing has poisoned your mind.

  6. Looks to me like the Wizard of coke and screwing girls who want to be in movies. In other words, every producer ever. That is exactly what I use my Jedi powers for, and I have never seen cats do that although I’ve always suspected they do human things when I’m not looking. However, in point of fact, if you have Jedi powers and you’re not immature, you run the world. How do you think Dick Cheney is still alive? Although he’s more the cyborg Vader route. Minus the conscience.