The Tuesday Videos: Love Some Trek Edition

Liberace: Hey! You got your Star Trek in my man-love!

Q: No… you got your man-love in my Star Trek! I’ve done Shakespeare, you know.

I only just found out that this isn’t the way Judge Judy always is.

This last is not new by a long shot, but I’ve never featured it here and it is unbeatable for it’s badassery. Enjoy… the Ultimate Showdown.

18 Responses to The Tuesday Videos: Love Some Trek Edition

  1. First video had me laughing quite loudly. Second one, also amusing. And of course the third I’d already seen, and even have the song on a cd in my car, but I never tire of watching it. Thanks for posting Kevin.

  2. I must be the most obtuse square on the block, because the second video flew so far over my head I didn’t even have a chance at edging into a meaning.

  3. The Trek one was very funny, but at the same time very disturbing. I’m just not built to handle thoughts of “sex” and “Spock” together. 😯

    • Well, that was…different. I’m not surprised by all the whining comments with low grades though, Newgrounds is a known “stupid little homophobic kid” territory. If this was all about girls instead they’d have no problem with how silly and in bad taste it is, as long as the tits kept flowing.

      Speaking of tits, tomorrow I’ll probably(unless more tests are needed) find out if I’ve got breast cancer, but I’m already guessing it’s not malignant. We’ll just have to wait and see, I guess.

    • I almost linked this one too, but I decided not to cause I figured someone else would. I’m not into guy on guy action, but the humor behind this had me laughing my ass off the first time I watched it. I think some of the rhymes could be improved, but otherwise it’s a pretty funny spoof.

      • I’m just cackling maniacally thinking of all the little kids pouring bleach onto their eyes in a vain attempt to un-see it.
        They always tell you to think of the children, well, I am. 😈

  4. While we’re still officially on the subject of visual entertainment today(yesterday, for me), I’d like to mention that I’ve just now remembered watching another film I probably should have a long time ago- Requiem for a Dream.
    Trainspotting(which, incidentally, I also only watched earlier this year, and Robert Carlyle rules) compared to it is like a Disney cartoon, so I was very much entertained. Don’t think though that it was all fun and games watching all the major characters spiral into destruction, no, I’ve learned a valuable lesson from all this- that Jennifer Connelly is and always will be super cute, no matter how much you try to make her look like a wasted junkie.
    While Jared Leto’s(yum!) performance was nice(kinda hard to care for such an annoying character that deserves everything bad that happened to him), I still think getting an axe to the head in American Psycho(in a truly hilarious scene) beats his amputated arm and crying in this film.

    Oh, and 3 words: Ass-to-ass! 😆

  5. Loved Ultimate Showdown. I am still a bit amazed That Chuck still has such a high rep with the kiddies that spam on the MMO’s. I remember a couple of years back when playing and a new batman movies came out, somebody asked, will the real Batman please stand up?
    I replied the of course it was Adam West. After a pause I got a few remarks and was told he was a scary old man as most knew him fro his recurring guest spots on Politicly Incorrect. For those into clay animation there is a homage to the original Batman film in Wallace and Gromit’s “A Matter of Loaf and Death”. catch it on Netflix if you have it.