25 Responses to 753 – White Smoke Mountain • 120

  1. I think I know why Bunker’s helmet keeps falling off. He looks really goofy with the giant frills and Kevin didn’t realize it till after he implemented it. So he keeps knocking it off subconciously. Especially evident in panel 4.

      • You can draw something subconciously because you have no concious reasoning for it so your subconcious reasoning shines threw. You conciously draw it without a concious reason for it. Or at least thats how I see it.

          • It is truly unfortunate that there isn’t a word “Subconscience” – it could be used to get away with so much!

            “My Conscience told me it was wrong, but I prefer to listen to my Sub-Conscience!”

            Keep your head down, Orald…the Loonies in the neighboring countries over there appear to be going batshit.

            Yeah, Mister President…shut down the internet and all cell phones…that will really endear you with the younger generation, cutting them off from their Twitter, Google, and World of Warcrack…

            • I’d just like to excuse my poor spelling by saying that the people upstairs have begun a renovation(or ruination) of their flat and seem to be working on the room just above my bed. So I didn’t get to sleep much and have been slightly dazed today.

              And yes, I’m hoping for some fun times ahead, it’s been far too long since the last war, and it wasn’t all that much of a war to begin with.
              I also enjoy the fact that I don’t get called to service, so it’s all fun and no bother for me. 😀
              As a side note, I do have reasons for wanting my country to go to war and seeing lots of people, on both sides, get killed beyond the fact that it’s hilarious.

              • Well if history has shown us anything in the last hundred years, the easiest way to make Isreal get BIGGER is to attack it. They kick ass, take names (along with a bunch of land, which is traditional in human history, up until capitalists discovered that it was easier (and caused a lot fewer deaths) to simply BUY land (See “Louisiana Purchase”)) – You would think that the nearby enemies would learn, but since there is clearly a Homer Simpson Gene in effect in the human population, there will probably always be enough idiots around to start more wars, ensuring a constant supply of new content for HALO mods…

  2. Eventhough martinis are awesome councelors and overall company, I think Bunker already got his answer … ; )

  3. Well, Well…the question now is, was the wish completely wasted, or is Martin, so to speak, there “in spirit”

    Try “Turn undead” Morty!

    • If Martin’s character wasn’t facing the DM’s wrath, the wish may of not been used up. But, that is not the case. So ya, the wish was completely wasted.

        • If that is the case, then this is a real good side / bad side-thing, isn’t it? Good side: nobody but Fleece has to look at Martin smirking all the time. Bad side: Martin can sneak up on anyone now and do stuff without them finding out.

          Personally, I hope this is just Fleece hallucinating.

          • I’m not too worried whether this Martin is real or not, given that all the in-game characters are imaginary within the (fictional) story. These days there’s a limit to the metaphysical capabilities of my imagination. Assuming I actually exist.

    • This reminds me of the hook in a short story (probably by Fred Brown) — wishes have a limited range of influence. If that’s the case here, Martin is “back” but only able to influence and interact with Fleece.

  4. Love the hair pulling, picturing her slowly falling into hysterical laughter with each tug. They should really silence her as laughter is contageous.

  5. I Dunno…should I stick with my classic “Lurking Elf” Gravatar? I spotted this today and it was just too cool to not at least add to my Gravatar list…