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  1. The question is…is that actually Martin, or just another part of Fleece’s delusion? (or is he a hidiously animated corpse, ala “The Monkey’s Paw”, and she’s seeing him as well because of her delusion?)

  2. I’m thinking Martin’s back, but this time under DM control. Which, since the DM sees him as a douche who’s out for himself and no one else he’s gonna play him that way.

    P.S. I’m glad Martin’s back. I always liked him.

  3. My bet is on Martin being a permanent delusion, a la Gaius Baltar’s visions of Number Six in Battlestar Galactica. Oh yeah, baby.[*]

    Fleece didn’t specify “I wish Martin was back here, alive.” 😉

    Still, nice attempt by Fleece!Martin to circumvent the insanity and still make a wish. If the player had started making straight wishes, the Unseen DM would probably have vetoed it on the grounds of “You’re too insane to think logically.” Saying, “Whaa I need help, I wish he was here to help me!” is not a bad idea.

    [*] Darn it, now I have a mental image of the warlock in a red cocktail dress with spaghetti straps. Arrrgggl. 🙄

      • Bright tomato red doesn’t suit Gaius Baltar and his delicious British accent and his pretty hair and his kinky insane delusions. No no no.

        There is a reason the Cylon women didn’t give Baltar clothes while he was a guest (*cough*prisoner*cough*) on their ship. 😉 Well alright eventually they did give him some clothes. Probably only so that the male Cylons wouldn’t start questioning their own sexual orientation. Much like you put a diamond collar on a pet dog.

        Wait, that didn’t come out right. 😳

        • He’s so tasty even Admiral Adama, Tigh and Roslin want him, as evidenced in season 3, where, upon meeting in parley over the “algae planet” in The Eye of Jupiter, Cavil half-jokingly proposes to deliver them Baltar as a little extra something, to “sweeten the deal”, saying they’d probably enjoy some alone time with him. Tigh’s response is “worth thinking about”. Adama then says “definitely worth thinking about”.

            • Nonsense, God is androgynous. Even Baltar says “God’s not on any one side” in the finale.

              Now I’m starting to feel like Jay does when God kisses on the cheek in Dogma. 😳

              • I didn’t really get what Caprica was trying to prove, too much…Can’t even define it.
                Incidentally*, I’m in the process of downloading the last five episodes now.

                *I was checking the BSG Wiki to be sure of my facts(not that I really need to, I’m too obsessed to be wrong) and clicked the Caprica link and noticed they released the last episodes earlier this month. I kinda forgot about them before that. Wonder when they’ll release the last SGU episodes.

                • I hated SGU with a fiery passion, in between feeling bored, so I don’t really care about that series. What a pity, when I liked the other two SG series.
                  But if I hate all characters from the get-go except for the scientist and the nerd, well, there’s not much I can do.

  4. o_o … =_= … I am having to rethink my position that Martin is the “runner-up for biggest jerk of the party-award”. Enkidu has some serious competition, there.

  5. “Everyone is falling in pits and gettin’ spiked and poisoned and crap!”
    Those inconsiderate bastards! :mrgreen:

  6. So, if it IS really Martin, did he swap out the Animate Dead SLA for a Conjure Booze one?

    Or, in addition to the “Monkey’s Paw Animated Corpse” theory I posited above, she could just be talking to a dead body with a big chomp out of it’s head…she did not, in fact, say anything about bringing him back to life (which makes sense in context, since all Fleece knows is that Martin teleported away…)

  7. Well, his choice between saving everyone or serving appletinis are pretty much trademark Martin. 🙄

  8. Of course now that her wish is fullfilled there is no reason for Martin to still be there. She never wish for him sto stay around.

    • That’s true for every wish you make that doesn’t include such a line to protect it from disappearing a millionth of a second after you get it. My take is that wishes, unless specifically told to ignore and circumvent it, obey those laws that deal with inertia and stuff, you know, an object in motion etc.

      • I always treated wishes as “It will fulfil your exact words” (Literal Genie) with the Caveat “Will use the least amount of magical energy required to fulfil that wording. (Conservation of magical energy, in the OTHER meaning of the word “Conservation”)