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  1. And so Fleece embraces the madness.

    Perhaps her player realizes that when one is screwed, one might as well go out in style—and take as many of your fellow player characters with you as you can. And no one can complain because he’s roleplaying an insane character. 😈

    After all, a total party kill would screw the campaign even more thoroughly than cheating…

  2. Martin does seem to be the one who wishes to roleplay…. Having a truly batshit crazy character is fun. Short lived…but fun. 👿

  3. Morty, you idiot! Cast Silence on a point near the source of the singing! Or on Bunker. Don’t tell me you don’t have a Silence spell prepared when you could run into enemy spellcasters?! Oh wait, this is 4E… do clerics still get Silence spells in 4E?

    • Apparently none of the players got the idea to simply claim, “Hey, DM. My character casts a flying spell… or wildshapes into a bird… or casts dimension door to teleport across the room…or uses his/her boots of flying… to reach the singing even faster!” It’s not technically cheating, since they’re not trying to wriggle out of the compulsion, merely using a legal way to get to the other side of the room… nowhere did it say in the boxed text “you have to walk because you forgot all your class abilities”.

      I mean, did they even get a saving throw against mental compulsion? If the DM is playing unfair they have to out-think him.

      • Don’t jump to the end, Dear. And I mentioned earlier, the compulsion is to REACH the singing. Casting Silence and making the singing go away, is pretty much the opposite of that.

    • I don’t think I saw any “Silence” like spellspowers in my short time as a 4E cleric. Zobby still hasn’t gotten through so she might change into a bird, and it could very well be that no one has any flying spells available yet, I didn’t see many(or any) of those when I built a 4E wizard, though it’s very likely there’s a ritual for it, like Tenser’s(?) disk thingies(which takes time and concentration to perform). And no, it doesn’t seem they even got a save roll for it either.

      • In 4e you have various defenses, in this case a Will defense, that act like an armor class against specific attack types. If the singing attack “hits” your Will defense, you are affected. Typically the power either lasts for a single round, or you get to try saving throws every turn thereafter. Now while you guys have had a week to mull this situation over, our heroes are still in their first round of being under the compulsion.

    • Silence is a ritual in 4e, and therefore not really a viable option in this scenario.

      Additionally, it wouldn’t work anyway, since in 4e it wards an area against eavesdropping from creatures outside the warded area – those within can still hear everything outside the area.

  4. Hmm… Coke could be taken to mean something else… could you even swim in coke? I wonder what that would be like.

    Hold on… can you even have coke in this game?

  5. The one wish reminds me of a story I read about a few years back. An adventuring party had tried to thwart the plans of a rebellious baron who tried to take over the kingdom. They were sent as free agents to that barony to investigate in the goings on of that province but had been captured and locked up in some dungeon. The baron helped himself to their most valuable belongings – amonst other, a Ring of Three Wishes that had one charge left. This ring belonged to the sorceror. The magical properties of said ring were lost on the baron, who wore it with pride.

    After a few days, the charismatic sorceror gained the trust of the baron and was invited to dine with him. During the second evening, they talked about their goals in life. The baron revealed his plan then. He had sent his yearly tribute to the court, but instead of chests containing valuable cloths and gold, he had them filled with manure. This insult would then be rewarded with a declaration of war against him and THEN, his secret demonic allies would join in the fight. The delegation was to arrive the evening after.

    The day after, the sorceror was called to dine with the baron again. The sorceror noticed he had the ring of wishes. When the hour of the revelation was about to strike, the sorceror asked the baron, while laughing heartily:

    – Don’t you wish you could be there at the court as they reveal what you sent the king?
    – Oh yes *pop*

    • Which, given that if he wished for that his teammates would murder him would be…oh, about 3 shots.

      I’d wish for a few Jagermonsters who would beat up anyone I asked them to…