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  1. Hmm…how odd that the wiki that pretty much identifies everything that happens in the Interwebz doesn’t have an entry for H.O.L.E.

    I mean, the entire party is getting a really bad whooping.

    Kev…did you got ideas from one of the other webcoms around? Because I can easily see that Heroes of Lesser Earth’s DM was hijacked by a machine with some issues towards the group (or something along those lines).

    • Oscar: During the first two thirds of the dungeon the group was benefiting from Martin’s cheating. Now that Martin has been discovered and the group can’t cheat, the adventure has become considerably more uphill.

      Wikipedia: Their rules prohibit me from entering my own page, so I haven’t really looked at it. I do know that TVTropes had some love for us, but it’s not like anyone over there actually notifies me of their changes. (Nor should they.)

      If Wikipedia is deleting their webcomic entries wholesale… I say it’s their loss. Whether any one person likes them or not, webcomics are absolutely a part of the culture, and a source of entertainment for a considerable percentage of folks with a computer. Wikipedia’s strength has always been the breadth of it’s scope, the fact that it is not limited by physical size in it’s cataloging of the world and it’s cultures. If they have decided to become more selective in regards to what knowledge they see fit to hold, well that’s likely a loss for us all.

  2. I assure you, character development is not for sissies. In my current group, our DM did something special with out backgrounds. He asked us generally what we wanted to accomplish with the character then told us to make a background from a certain point in our life, usually fairly young for the race, and that we have no knowledge of our lives before that. Then he would write the beginings and the origins of each character which he thoroughly incooperates. Mine personally was destined to be a powerful clan leader but was sent away to protect him from political assinations. A lucky/funny coincidence was my part of the background meshed well with what the DM setup as my destiny, as I ran away from my handlers the day before my 16th birthday, the day I would be ferried to my destiny, hence starting my part of the campaign. It hasn’t all came to fruition, but I’ve gathered enough clues that the DM revealed to me my destiny. I’m pretty damn excited to see how it folds out. I have a twin sister and older sister who can fight for the place on top of the current matriarch.
    This character is a homebrewed, anime cat-girl race we dubbed Nekos. This race is 99% female. Thus they are dependent on other species to propagate. The few males are highly sought after as mates. So much so that most female Nekos have to make a Will save to resist the urge to rip my clothes off if they ever smell me. Phermones and stuff. This save is fairly low for simplicity’s sake. They also make a Will save to not swoon and obsess over me. This Will save is much higher, but most plot relevant Nekos have no issues. The resulting offspring usually gain high standings given they are pure-blooded. I am one of very few pure-blooded males. As such, I’m in prime position to not only become clan leader, but a prime candidate to become King if and when the Queen is killed. I’m pretty sure me and my cohorts will be the cause of that.
    So I assure you, character development is NOT for sisses. Just anime cat-guys. Sexy, sexy anime cat-guys. Sexy, sexy anime cat-guys who can get any sexy, sexy anime cat-girl he wants, whenever he wants, for simply being male. Or another sexy, sexy anime cat guy. YAY YOAI! I love japan!

        • Well, for starters, Freud would’ve probably said that just about anything is caused by your desire to have sex with your mother and possibly kill your father, but I suspect this was more Freud’s obsession with his parents than what this is really about. 😆
          Now I’m trying to put it mildly and as inoffensively as I can(which isn’t much, I know), but sexy cat-girls all wanting to have sex with you(even having to roll Will saves to not do so on the spot), your being unique(few males) and thus an automatic candidate for supreme executive power(sorry, MP& The Holy Grail pops into my head all too often 😛 )…Or, you know, the last paragraph of your comment:
          “Sexy, sexy anime cat-guys. Sexy, sexy anime cat-guys who can get any sexy, sexy anime cat-girl he wants, whenever he wants, for simply being male. Or another sexy, sexy anime cat guy. YAY YOAI! I love japan!”

          Sex. Anime. cat-girl. Sex. Japan. Sex.

          • Well I have to point out the Will saves, automatic candidate for supreme exacutie power, etc were not my idea but the DM’s. Which I gladly accepted. He neglected to think that my character might be gay just like me. But for the DM’s sake, I made him bi. That way I can have a guy if I want, but can get a plot relevant girl when neccesary.

            • I think the DM just wants to play out the girls interacting with your char’ then. 😉

              But you have to admit, this whole set up looks highly suspicious(possibly the DM’s fantasies coming into play) and so was your enthusiastic description.

              • My enthusicastic description was a result of how fun it is to play thic char. The DM specifically mentioned that he would be incorporating many Japanese, anime, etc. elements into the game. One of which was the Neko race. So its very much possible that hes playing his fantasies out through my character by proxy.

        • I hate to tell you but it does sound like a prime candidate for a Gary Stu.

          As for being one of the few rare members of gender x that is fertile and thus needed for the race’s continued survival, it may not be as great as it’s cracked up to be.
          Ever seen “The Handmaid’s Tale”?
          Or bees… you know what happens to drones after they’ve done their mating duties?

          But that character descrip does remind me of a certain Japanese video rape porn game… titled “Can’t Escape the Heroine”.
          Basically a weird mix between a standard arena combat game and… well a porn game (which apparently are quite common in Japan from what I’ve seen in hilarious reviews on the Net). The only goal of the protagonist (the male blue demon prince) is to travel across the land without getting jumped by horny anime women with superpowers. If they catch him, he has to fight them in the arena, and if he loses (which he does a lot, even with training), they go down on him. But hey, we all know it isn’t rape if it’s female-on-male, right? (sarcasm)

          • I’ve got to find myself a girl that says “remind me of a certain Japanese video porn game…”. Even if I’m not into hentai myself. 😆

            As to this “The Handmaid’s Tale” story, after going over the Wiki’ article(though the name kinda gives it away in the context of this discussion) I’ve got to say it’s really not comparable. There’s a “little” difference between a female “serving” many males and a male “serving” many females. Most males(those who aren’t completely gay, that is…and some weird individuals) would view this as a dream come true, while I guess for most females it would be a nightmare. Also, human males don’t die after they have sex(unless stuck in a horror movie), unlike many insects, so again it’s not comparable.

            ETA: Err, where did your post go, Christina, marked as spam again?

          • I’m not saying it’s not rape, it can be rape/sexual assault just like a girl trying to kick you is an assault and I had every right to catch the stupid bitch’s leg(such a slow kick too) and kick her ass to show her after all these months that she was wrong to assume I was weak&meek and that only getting punished stopped me from breaking a few of her bones…Damn idiots always interrupting, even when I didn’t have any firearm on me… *Grumble grumble*
            And that was another glimpse at one of Orald’s fun stories. 😉

            What I’m saying is that most men would consider it, within certain parameters, quite a nice situation to have a bunch of women insisting to mate with them, especially since that means they’ll get to father lots of children whereas a woman in the same situation will only get pregnant once, carry the unborn abominationchild for 9 months and then get herself ripped open when demon-spawn decides to get out. So yeah, men might view such a situation a bit differently.

            Of course the original subject was Pulsa’s, uh, elaborate fantasy scenario involving his character.

  3. I did not mean to post this twice. Not even sure how I did. I didn’t realize it got posted twice till I did the edit. And this one I couldn’t request for deletion or edit. So this is my request for deletion.

  4. Now the Unseen DM is getting really sadistic. Although so far he only seems to target those players who went along with Martin’s cheating. Except for Freya, for obvious reasons.

    Come on, Morty, cast some Silence already!

  5. Wow, if you go THAT facefirst into a poisoned spike pit, you’ll gonna need a new … um, everything. Luckily there was no face lost on Enkido.

  6. This is probably the most graphic of your comics to date. At least as far as I can remember. So of course I laughed extra hard. Mom always did say I had a strange sense of humor. I wonder though if Bunker will land on the ground, or come right over that and into the next spike pit alongside Enkidu? Maybe Enkidu will break his fall and take more damage, while Bunker only takes half. I think that’s how I’d DM it anyway.